New forms of work require changes in social security: Kula

KUALA LUMPUR: New forms of work require changes in strategies, safety measures, occupational health and social security in accordance with the transformation of technological advances.

Human Resource Minister M. Kula Segaran (pix) in a statement yesterday said that through the awareness, the ministry through the Social Security Organisation (Socso) had taken steps for the country to face the fast-changing wave of digitalisation.

He said, among the steps taken were extending the social security coverage to the self-employed, introducing the Employment Insurance System and automating the core processes of social security.

In this regard, the Issa Technical Seminar on Digitalisation - New Forms of Work: Focusing on Occupational Risks, is bringing together social security and digital technology experts from around the world to look at the impact of digital transformation on social security aspects such as employee safety, occupational health, rehabilitation, contribution and collection of contribution.

About 200 delegates and speakers from 25 countries are participating in the three-day seminar beginning yesterday. — Bernama