No proof high wild boar population due to migration from Indonesia

08 Nov 2019 / 22:38 H.

MALACCA: There is no specific proof or report stating that the rise in the wild boar population on Pulau Besar, here was caused by the migration of the animals from Sumatera, Indonesia but a study on the wild boar population in the area must be conducted.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) president, Prof Dr Ahmad Ismail said the closest Indonesian island to Pulau Besar is Pulau Rupat, Riau, at 62.50km, and it is quite far for the wild boar to swim taking into account the currents.

‘’The other areas in this country which are closer to Pulau Rupat than Pulau Besar are Muar and Tanjung Tuan. However, I think the idea is for us to study the genetics and wild boar population first before making any claim.

‘’The Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) would have definitely carried out their duty based on the allegation following existing procedures by taking the blood samples of the wild animals in order to identify their species,’’ he told Bernama here today.

On Sept 5, an English Language media reported the State Agriculture, Entrepreneurs Development, Co-operative and Agro-based Committee chairman Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee as saying that wild boars could cross the Straits of Malacca from Sumatera to Malacca resulting in the rising population of the animals.

Yesterday, the same newspaper claimed that the wild boar population in the state was high and worrying in 30 areas, but was denied by Chief Minister Adly Zahari in a Bernama report today who stressed that the population of the animals was under control and not a threat to residents.

Asked on the effectiveness of controlling the wild boar population, Ahmad said Perhilitan must have a method to control the wild boar population other than taking into account the number, disturbances or conflicts with humans, diseases including the aspect of science such as conservation and genetics.

‘’Animals have their roles in the environment. The wild boars will bring problems to humans or cause conflicts when their habitats are disturbed. Most of us don’t understand what is meant by habitats, the behaviours of these animals and other biological information.

‘’When we don’t understand, the easy way is to kill or catch and relocate them when facing conflict with humans. In terms of science and conservation, we must consider many things before taking action such as killing these animal.

Ahmad said any action to kill or relocate the wild boars in the areas concerned must take into account the conservation factor and importance to ecology. — Bernama

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