PETALING JAYA: The Opposition has wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to distort and politicise the ban on any form of election-related rallies from today to Nov 27, the MCA Youth said today.

“We do not want another round of post-Sabah PRN (state election) case spike to recur. We have come this far and it is unlikely that we want a repeat of total lockdowns again,” MCA Youth spokesman Ryan Ho Kwok Xheng said today.

“The sharp increase in Covid-19 cases after the Sabah State Election on Sept 26 last year will definitely serve as a lesson to the government in facing the upcoming Malacca State Election on Nov 20.

“The government’s move is not intended to restrict the Constitutional rights of the country’s democratic system but is simply intended to reduce the risk of Covid19 infection and a soar in cases.”

Indeed, through the current National Recovery Plan (NRP), more and more sectors are being allowed to reopen and operate, he said.

“Even interstate activities have been allowed since Oct 11. However, these should not be used as a guide or reference to enable face-to-face or physical campaign activities to be conducted. This is a State Election and not a General Election.

“Thus, it is only natural and expected that heaps of party machinery from throughout the country will be concentrated in Malacca. This situation will grow more complicated if a ‘Malacca PRN Cluster’ breaks out resulting with its spread to all corners of the country after the Malacca PRN concludes.”