Penang PKR confident in police’s ability to resolve viral sex video case

14 Jun 2019 / 16:09 H.

GEORGETOWN: Penang PKR has urged the police to go all out to determine the truth behind the viral gay sex clip in which the images of a cabinet minister and Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz, the former senior private secretary to a deputy minister, were depicted in compromising positions.

Only the police can cease the trend of certain quarters resorting to sex videos to propagate gutter politics, and the truth is always the best antidote against the rise of falsehood, according state PKR vice-chairman Jason Ong Khan Lee.

Haziq Abdullah later posted a video of himself on his Facebook page in which he confirmed that it was him in the video, while naming the other individual as Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

Azmin has categorically denied that it was him in the sex clip.

“The only way to dissuade such underhanded tactics to sway sentiments is through the strong enforcement of the law. Everyone involved in capturing or doctoring the video to uploading and distributing it needs to be hauled up for questioning,“ Ong told theSun here.

There are so many offences committed here so the police will have a field day prosecuting the suspects, he noted.

Ong said that the country had the required legislation to punish the offenders behind the peddling of such videos; from possessing pornographic material to conspiring to cause unrest and bringing political disruption.

He said that almost every political party, especially PKR, has been under siege by gutter politics; the only way out is to nab the culprits.

Ong said that the police must move swiftly to ensure that the issue can no longer be exploited by those with vested interests.

His views were echoed by PKR veteran S. Raventharan, who said that the police has huge resources at its disposal from forensic trained officers to information technology specialists.

They can also reach out to experts in video digitalisation to determine if the clips were doctored, said Raventharan.

He also said that good old fashion detective work was also needed to determine the location of the two individuals depicted in the video.

Raveentharan also said that Malaysia has enacted legislation against the propagating of fake news and that this case can be suitable for such laws.

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