PUTRAJAYA: The Supplementary Electoral Rolls for December 2021 (DPT BLN12/2021) is open for review for six months from today to July 13 after being certified and gazetted today.

Election Commission (EC) secretary Datuk Ikmalrudin Ishak said the electoral rolls contained the names of 5,718,760 Malaysian citizens, aged 18 and above, until Dec 31, 2021 who were automatically registered as new voters.

The rolls also contained 25,220 registered voters who changed their constituencies and 9,293 individuals who changed their voter status or category, he said in a statement here, today.

“The EC calls on citizens, aged 18 and above, until Dec 31, 2021, and any registered voters who had applied for a change in voting constituency or status to check their names in the DPT BLN12/2021.

“If their names are not listed in the DPT BLN12/2021, they can fill out Form C online at the link https://myspr.spr.gov.my or come personally to the nearest State Election office,“ he said.

Ikmalrudin said the EC had prepared four methods of review for the electoral rolls namely the EC portal at https://www.spr.gov.my or https://mysprsemak.spr.gov.my; MySPR Semak mobile application; the official portal of the State Election offices at the link http://ppn.spr.gov.my and the EC hotline at 03-88927018.

He also said that any registered voter in a constituency who makes a review and wishes to object to the entry of the name of a voter who made a change to his constituency can do so by filling up Form D and presenting it at the relevant State Election office.

He said Form C and Form D can also be downloaded from the State Election office portal at the link http://ppn.spr.gov.my and must be submitted to the relevant State Election director during office hours on any working day during the DPT BLN12/2021 review period.

For any inquiries on the DPT BLN12/2021 review, the public can browse the EC’s official portal at https://www.spr.gov.my or call the EC hotline at 03-88927018 or any State Election office.