RON97 up two sen , RON95 and diesel unchanged

KUALA LUMPUR: The retail price of RON97 petrol will be up two sen, from RM2.63 /litre to RM2.65/litre for the fuel price week Jan 4-10.

The retail prices for RON95 and diesel remain unchanged, at RM2.08/litre and RM2.18/litre respectively.

The Finance Ministry in a statement here today said that according to the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM), the retail prices of RON95 and diesel for this period should be RM2.35/litre and RM2.43/litre respectively.

The retail prices of RON 95 and diesel for the current price week (Dec 28-Jan 3) are lower, at RM2.33/litre and RM2.39/litre, it said.

“However, the retail prices for the two fuels are maintained at RM2.08/litre and RM2.18/litre in line with the government’s decision to postpone the Petrol Subsidy Programme,” the ministry said.

The estimated subsidy borne by the government to maintain the retail prices of RON95 and diesel for the fuel price week Jan 4-10 is RM128.24 million. — Bernama