Steer clear of racial, sensitive issues, let cops address pressing matters: IGP

06 Jan 2020 / 19:20 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Please steer clear of capitalising on racial and sensitive issues so that police can channel their time and resources to crime-busting.

That was the plea of Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador in his first press conference for the new year today at the federal police headquarters at Bukit Aman.

The nation’s top cop urged all Malaysians especially politicians to understand the dynamics of the country such as the multi ethnicities and use it as a strength to enhance the well-being of the country.

He said in Parliament, politicians appeared to enjoy good ties among themselves but their behaviour is different when they are out in the field.

“I hope the politicians will use their wisdom and be tolerant. There is nothing that cannot be resolved amicably. Do not carry out activities with the intention of hurting the feeling of people and as if to challenge them.

“This will only aggravate things. All this is wasting my time and that of my personnel. The police should be focusing our time and resources on fighting crime and not on such petty issues. Hence, I seek the understanding of the politicians.” he said.

Abdul Hamid said the focus of the police for the new year was on integrity and to regain the glorious image it had earned during the communist insurgency era.

“That was a time when the people placed their hopes on the police and armed forces. The police were respected by the people. This is our mission for 2020, to regain this image.

Integrity is the mother of solutions and this is what we wish to enhance.

“If we can enhance the integrity, then 80% of the issues we face can be solved. Our service delivery can be executed smoothly. Issues involving illegal drugs and crimes will be overcome,” he said after a high-powered meeting with directors of the 10 police departments.

Abdul Hamid said there are many challenges the police expect to face this year such as the additional manpower request which is yet to be fulfilled by the government.

“We had made the request for more manpower to the Public Service Department but this was not fulfilled due to the government’s policies. As a result, we are forced to ‘borrow’ personnel from other police units or departments to complement our daily duties.

“For example, personnel of the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) were roped in to assist tourist police. At the same time, we are thankful to the Home Ministry for the additional perks and housing projected for the police force this year.” he said.

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