UMK develop three–in–one sunnah–compliant health supplement

29 Jun 2019 / 15:04 H.

BACHOK: Many Malaysians suffer from diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. There are also a substantial number of people having kidney problems, cancer, cholesterol, stroke, hepatitis, tuberculosis, kidney stones and asthma.

Subsequently, many resorted to modern medicine despite many studies showing that major diseases including 39 types of illnesses covered by insurance could be cured by natural means without resorting to drugs.

On this realisation, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Head of Research and Innovation Prof. Ts. Dr Ahmad Ziad had come up with the first combination of trigona honey, habbatus sauda (black cumin) and olive oil in a health supplement in the country.

Manufactured under the ZQUAT brand, Dr Ahmad said that the supplement named ‘Royal Softgel Madu Kelulut’ had been approved by the “Safe Food is the Responsibility of the Industry” (Mesti) certification scheme and had also obtained the halal certificate from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim).

Dr Ahmad, who had been a UMK lecturer for the past one year, said that he took 18 months to complete his studies and to develop ZQUAT, the first sunnah–compliant supplement.

Other than the three–in–one capsule, Dr Ahmad said that four types of herbal honey soaps were also developed using 100% organic materials, including, a soap for ‘panau’ (Tinea Versicolour) using the gelenggang (Cassia Senna) leaf which could also treat eczema, rashes, shingles and scabies.

He also said ZQUAT also came up with a honey lip balm using Trigona honey which could moisturise and softens dry and cracked lips using a mix of organic and parabens–free materials (chemical compounds preservative) which is also suitable for children while its continuous use could make the lips naturally pink.

The three–in–one product had been patented through MyIPO (patent no. UI2017001487) and had penetrated several countries such as Brunei, Maldives, Kazakhstan and, recently, Beijing, China, he added.

More importantly, Dr Ahmad said that the softgel product had received several domestic recognitions through its participations and receipts of the gold medals at the UMK Research and Innovation carnival, Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) and the gold medal and overall Best Innovation among universities and educational institutions at 2019 ITEX.

Many people who tried the product had succeeded in alleviating the symptoms of their ailments including chronic diabetes, he said, adding that Bob Lokman, who had gout, also used the product. — Bernama

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