(Video) Border security officers caught taking bribes, facilitating smugglers

18 Oct 2019 / 14:45 H.

PUTRAJAYA: Smugglers have brazenly crossed the borders of Perlis - Thailand to conduct illegal smuggling activities.

Although there were security personnel tasked to monitor this situation, they have turned a blind eye or have been caught on video accepting bribes from smugglers to look the other way, said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

MACC Forensics department audio video chief Badri Azni said the smuggling activities shown to the media today came from monitoring and recording the smuggling activities from the northern borders, especially at Padang Besar, Perlis from 2017 till 2019.

The 11-minute video showed smugglers approaching the security post and handing to the security officer what looks like bribe money, and then using that post as a base to conduct smuggling activities.

“Some of the smuggled goods include flour, cooking oil, onions and other provisions where the price is cheaper in Malaysia. Other goods smuggled are subsidised items like fertiliser, diesel and petrol,“ he said at a press conference at MACC headquarters today.

He also said the suspects also smuggled ketum leaves as the sacks look easy to carry across the border.

“The price of ketum leaves in this country costs RM18 per kg, while it can go up to RM100 per kg in the neighbouring country, so it is possible that smugglers are also reaping profits from it,“ he said.

He also showed how easy it is to penetrate the barbed wire fence just by cutting through the wires and creating a hole for the smuggled goods to go through.

“They also have scouts to monitor the perimeters as well as well as walkie-talkies to alert smugglers of any incoming patrol cars,“ he said.

Besides that, MACC also showed the condition at CIQ Padang Besar, where foreign registered vehicles can park at the area, and then redistribute smuggled goods to even more people.

However, the security personnel shown in the video just ignored the whole situation.

MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya said the full video footage has been sent to the police for further action.

“The reason why we are exposing this is so that they know they’re being watched. They seem quite oblivious in knowing they’re being monitored and have been quite comfortable for some time. We are working with the police on this,“ she said.

She also said they are working with the Immigration department and customs department on this matter as well.

“We are showing that rampant corruption can affect the country’s security and economy. Upon receiving the videos, we passed it to the police to take necessary action, but this is the extent to which corruption in our country is,“ she said.

Watch the video shared by MACC below:

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