THE comments by Khairil Ahmad (“P-hailing conundrum to regulate bad road antics” in theSun, Aug 11) came in a timely manner as I had just returned from a day out – and yet again witnessed first hand p-hailing riders dangerously cheat death by dashing through stop lights and zig-zagging their way around traffic, for presumably a need to beat the clock at all cost.

Yes, this horrendous road etiquette has existed in this nation long before the appearance of our current e-world. However, when I put on a uniform, strap on the company brand emblazoned with a smiling Panda (as an example), and get on the road, I become their ambassador. I am a reflection of the company culture.

There can be no separation on the level of involvement in matters pertaining to obeying the laws of the land. It is like saying, “go ahead and drive your DHL/Poslaju/UPS/Ambulance etc vehicles recklessly and we will leave the traffic authorities to take care of your personal behaviour”.

Are companies/platforms responsible for personal behaviour? We know that the answer to this is of course NO. However, when we take on as brand ambassadors, that have such a big presence in the public space, there must be a clear and strong message in the contract.

For example, it can read something like this: You are required at all times, while in uniform and on duty, carrying our brand name, to stop at a traffic light when it is red! Termination of employment is immediate if found non-compliant.

Get a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to help with enforcement. Riders applying for these jobs can be asked to fit a camera for monitoring purposes. These are a few examples on how platforms need to take accountability.

Continue to reinforce this message by providing healthy internal staff training. Place a big signboard in their apps/pick-up points – Do not break road traffic regulations!

I was an employee with a reputable international airline for many years. We were told that when in uniform or during events – “you are our family and an ambassador. Act like it if you want to continue to live under this roof”.

It can be done. Work to shift mindsets and not responsibilities. Platforms must step in as a co-parent. Think about the weight of this as equal, not separate.

Vanitha Samuel

Brand Ambassador, Mum & Citizen of Malaysia