Story made my day

09 Oct 2019 / 18:54 H.

I APPLAUD theSun for publishing the story of a spirited policewoman who went beyond her call of duty by delivering a baby at the backseat of a taxi.

What a refreshing change from the unending negative news – churned up almost daily – about race and religion and harping on our differences – which has created uneasiness.

So it was a welcome change to read something that warmed the heart. And we temporarily forgot all the negative rhetoric hounding our beloved country. A good read which made my day.

Kudos to L/Cpl Komathi Narayanan for her exemplary behaviour which all Malaysians are proud off. I’m sure there are many other similar fine Malaysians except that their good deeds don’t get reported.

The other unsung hero must surely be the taxi driver who not only agreed to ferry Komathi and the mother-to-be to the hospital but declined to accept the fare. His taxi was in a real mess which would have required a lot of effort to clean up and he would have been unable to pick up new fares for the rest of the day. Look at it in another way, his taxi was destined to be birthplace of the new arrival and who knows the incident might just bring him good luck in the near future. One can never tell!

Thank you again to theSun. We certainly could do with more of such emotionally-rewarding and uplifting stories involving true-blue Malaysians.

Dr Pola Singh

Kuala Lumpur


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