Thank you for food and other aid

23 Jun 2021 / 12:25 H.

    THE Covid-19 pandemic has truly affected people’s lives, and if not for food supplies from the government, I do not think many of us would have made it this far.

    The pandemic is a global phenomenon and it would be unfair to blame the government for it. This is the first time nations around the globe are coping with something of this magnitude, and though there may have been some who handled it better than others, I believe we are not doing so bad.

    I am not a politician but as I follow the news closely, I sometimes find it hard to comprehend why some people are always critical of our prime minister and his administration.

    After all, he is not God and certainly not a miracle maker. I personally believe he is doing all he can to overcome this pandemic.

    Nobody wants to see people suffering and losing their loved ones, and to blatantly accuse him of the current situation is not right.

    If other politicians think they can do better, then they should just do what they can in their current positions to help out. Everyone knows many ex-politicians are flushed with money, and this is the time they can do their bit to help rather than point fingers.

    For someone like me, the assistance we received in terms of financial aid, and most of all food supplies, have gone a long way in keeping my family afloat.

    For us, getting a decent meal every day is the most important thing, and I believe that is what matters most at a time like this.

    I am grateful for whatever has been handed to us by the government.

    I pray for everyone to work together to end the pandemic, and use all our resources to rebuild the nation.

    Sarah Ibrahim Daud



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