Vaccine passports should not discriminate

20 Jun 2021 / 21:45 H.

    THE European Union is coming out with a digital vaccine passport, but the irony is that not all vaccines are listed.

    The custodians of the Holy City also dictates their preferred vaccines! What is happening to the world? Has the pandemic not taught us anything?

    Will the poor and developing nations be forever be at the mercy of the rich and powerful?

    We are humans first – we should be coming together as a world to fight this pandemic, not to isolate people who have not the means, as everyone keeps saying, no one is safe until everyone is safe. The vaccine is non-political and non-racist, so why treat it as such.

    Please look around you, people are bound to travel across borders, and we are all interconnected.

    What is important is getting every individual vaccinated, whatever the vaccine, as long as it has been cleared by the relevant health authorities.

    The sooner we do this, the sooner herd immunity can be attained worldwide. It is not good enough to be just a country or region achieving herd immunity.

    Now is the time to reach out to people in every nook and corner, educate them on the importance of being vaccinated, allay their fears, be it religion or customary, that are making them hesitant about vaccines.

    Only then can we have a life of normalcy again. We have to be better human beings at the end of the day, otherwise the pandemic will continue to rule us.

    Usharani Wilfred

    Shah Alam


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