Indonesian woman escapes terrifying Grab driver using ‘Emergeny Help’ button

11 Feb 2020 / 11:38 H.

PETALING JAYA: An Indonesian woman who used the ‘Emergency Help’ button on her Grab app, shared her harrowing experience of how she had to escape her Grab driver.

The woman, who posted the story on her Instagram profile @tiannnwu, stated that she was using a GrabCar service to go to two different places — to first pick up her friend in South Jakarta, and then head to a wedding.

However, she claimed her Grab driver did not follow GPS directions, choosing a different route. Matters were made worse when she heard sounds similar to that of a walkie-talkie. “I felt uneasy when I heard it ... the driver repeatedly looked at me in the backseat while I tried not to panic,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

The driver then apparently veered off onto an even further route, prompting her to tell the driver to use the right routes, while trying to contact her boyfriend. The driver however just continued to whisper inaudible words — assumed by the woman to be some kind of code.

The driver then accelerated the car, attempting to make the woman drop her phone. Fortunately, she remembered there was an emergency button on the Grab app and immediately pressed it.

She explained the situation to the operator while on loudspeaker, while the driver shouted that he was going in the right direction. Grab confirmed that they had the woman’s location, which caused the panicked driver to drop her off on the highway.

According to the woman, the operator stayed on the line until a Grab officer arrived at her location and picked her up.

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