Netflix to move away from binge model for some shows

05 Sep 2019 / 15:07 H.

A LOT of people love Netflix because they get to binge watch shows on their own time.

However, Netflix recently announced that it plans to release weekly episodes instead. Before anyone starts worrying, this only applies to certain shows that does well with weekly episodes and due to their licensing deals such as The Great British Baking Show.

Another show to benefit from this new format is Netflix’s first-ever music competition show, Rhythm+Flow which is produced by John Legend. The show will feature rap stars Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I as judges and is scheduled to premiere on Oct 9.

According to Netflix’s tweet, the weekly release of licensed titles isn’t new and it’s also done in hopes to keep Rhythm+Flow’s winner a surprise.

The decision and explanation given by Netflix didn’t sit well with several netizens.

Twitter user @angela_jx wrote, “Do. Not. Turn. Into. Cable.”

“Literally the only reason you are different from regular cable is getting everything at once and being able to binge watch on my own time...” @LordWaynelll said.

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