Meeting children’s essential nutrient needs

03 Apr 2019 / 14:30 H.

HELPING parents provide the best they can for their children, in terms of nutrition, Morinaga Milk Malaysia by OZ Marketing Sdn Bhd has Morinaga Chil-kid to offer, supporting the growth and development of young ones.

The first Japanese milk formula introduced and sold in Malaysia to arrive our shores in 1968 has been providing high quality nutrition to at least three generations. It now presents an improved formula made with less sugar and a mild vanilla taste - offering more oishi!

Morinaga Chil-kid not only offers a taste that is palatable, the formula contains GOS, AA, DHA, Nucleotides, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E & C, Taurine, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium, which provide children essential nutrients.

For more peace of mind, parents can rest assured as Morinaga Chil-kid is produced and fully imported from a state-of-the-art plant in the Netherlands which uses advanced Japanese technology. The product goes through stringent double-safety standards and is certified halal.

First-time users are urged not to let this special offer go by; they can purchase a pack of Morinaga Chil-kid 700g at just RM20 (RCP RM55). The offer is applicable when they leave their details at

Participants of the Morinaga Chil-kid Lucky Star Contest are urged to check if they are lucky to have won one of the three grand-prizes of a premium electric child’s super sports car among other exciting prizes. Look out for names of the winners on Morinaga Chil-kid Facebook on April 8.

Follow Morinaga on Facebook @MorinagaMilkMalaysia / KeluargaMorinagaMalaysia for more information on products and promotions or visit the Morinaga official online store at

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