Staying strong and sharp with age

03 Jul 2019 / 13:50 H.

THERE comes a time in life when we just don’t feel like we used to. We feel a distinct decrease in our energy levels, our mind isn’t as sharp as it once was and we actually start to feel our age. Generally accepted as a natural process of ageing, a lot of it also has to do with the ageing of the brain, which affects our analytical thinking, multitasking ability and memory power.

While it is a part of life, there are three common myths about ageing that we should know:

Myth #1 - Getting older inevitably leads to weakness, frailty and dependency

FACT: While muscle volume and strength gradually declines with age, after 50, these changes can be slowed down or even prevented with regular physical activities, sufficient nutrients intake and by living a healthy lifestyle.

Myth #2 – As one gets older, they become senile, suffer memory loss, become disoriented and exhibit bizarre behaviour

FACT: About 80% of older adults are healthy enough to live independently, continue to do their normal daily chores and enjoy their golden years, even with some degree of decline in memory functions.

Myth #3 - Your genes predetermine how healthy you are

FACT: Although the gene you were born with is fixed, your health depends on how you live your life.

Besides slowing down the brain, ageing also diminishes our metabolic rate leading to weight gain and difficulty in losing the extra pounds. While cutting down on food is the logical way to go, it often results in insufficient nutrient intake, which affects the maintenance of a healthy body and brain function as we age.

After 50, your body does not need as many calories compared to when you were in your 20s. This means there is less room for unhealthy choices. Hence, making better diet choices will help to fight off diseases, increase body resistance, strengthen muscles and maintain a good quality of life. However, with limited calories intake recommended after 50, food alone may not be able to ensure complete and balance nutrition to maintain an active brain and body strength.

Complete nutrition in a glass

Tocovid Vitality is a complete nutritional daily drink which not only helps energise the body but also contains a unique ingredient, palm tocotrienols. A natural extract from red palm oil, it has been proven to protect brain cells and slow down the progression of ageing brain as well as reducing risk of stroke and dementia. Tocovid vitality is uniquely formulated to offer you a complete nutrition. It has:

▶ 28 vitamins and minerals - to ensure maximum health

▶ Is high in calcium - to strengthen bones

▶ Is high in protein - to build muscle and strength

▶ Has soluble and insoluble fibres - to aid bowel movement

▶ Is low in sugar and is low-fat

Just two glasses of Tocovid Vitality a day, will provide you quick and sustainable energy to keep you active and going throughout your day. For a little flavour, simply add a scoop of coffee or milo.

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