FACTBOX-With COVID-19 vaccine trial results in, how will Europe deploy the shots?

02 Dec 2020 / 19:18 H.

    (Adds more details to reflect British approval, Swiss plans, Italian vaccine doses) LONDON, Dec 2 (Reuters) - The frontrunners in the COVID-19 vaccine race have emerged with different success rates for their shots in clinical trials, prompting a scramble across Europe to prepare for the daunting challenge of inoculating 450 million people across almost 30 countries. That race has intensified as Britain became the first Western country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, clearing a shot from U.S. drugmaker Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech and targeting about 800,000 initial doses in early December to vulnerable members of its population. The European Union (EU), which is sticking to a more-formal conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) process that it said ensures a "full evaluation" of candidates, could still see deliveries in coming weeks after it set a Dec. 29 deadline to make a decision on the Pfizer/BioNTech candidate and Jan. 12 for Moderna's product. The European Commission has secured hundreds of millions of shots to be distributed to member states that request them, as well as to partner nations like Switzerland, while the British government has ordered six different vaccines. But it is a fragmented picture when it comes to planning: Germany is transforming exhibition halls into vaccination centres and has bought ultra-cold freezers for storing vaccines, while the Swiss are relying on their military for logistics and warehousing, before sending shots to its 26 cantons that will ultimately be in charge of inoculations. Similar planning is underway in Britain, where doctors are preparing for round-the-clock inoculations including at hospitals and vaccination centres. Other countries, including Italy, France and Portugal, have yet to outline detailed plans. Doses Delivery Roll-out plan Ultra-cold storage GERMANY 300 million doses in total through EU Aims to start vaccinations in Plans to open mass 3 Haier -86 degree scheme and own deals. December. vaccination centres ULT freezer with nationwide, with 6 820,000 litre expected to open in Berlin capacity in Berlin. by mid-December. Priority will be given to the elderly and people with underlying health conditions. Mobile teams will administer shots to those who are bed-ridden or in care homes. First phase with vaccination centres will last until summer, then pharmacies and doctors will take over. FRANCE 295 million doses in total via EU Says could start vaccinations by No detailed plan. Bought equipment. scheme. year end. Vulnerable population will be priority ITALY Health Minister Roberto Speranza told Government says most Italians Italy's health minister About 60% of 300 parliament the government had options will be vaccinated by September. hopes first COVID vaccines storage facilities to buy 202 million COVID-19 vaccine can start in January. around the country shots from various companies. Priority given to elderly, can handle medical staff and police. Pfizer-BioNTech Shots may be administered shots. in hospitals and mobile units with potential for drive-thrus at a later date. 3.4 million Pfizer-BioNTech due mid-Jan. 4 million AstraZeneca in Jan, another 12 million in Feb-April. UK 355 million doses in total. Govt aims to start vaccination Health service in charge, with GPs, vaccination by early December for the centres involved in distributing the shots. most-vulnerable members of the People who live or work in care homes will be population after approving priority Health Secretary Matt Pfizer/BioNTech's candidate, of Hancock acknowleged the -70 degrees Celsius which it will initially get storage temperature for Pfizer/BioNTech's 800,00 doses. UK hopes for some vaccine could be a challenge. sort of normalcy by Easter. 4 million AstraZeneca due by year-end (100 million in total. 10 million Pfizer due by year-end (40 million in total). SPAIN 140 million doses in total (will Aims to have vaccinated Priority for 2.5 mln people living and working share some with poorer countries). substantial part of population in nursing homes, elderly and vulnerable from in H1. Jan, then healthcare workers. Spain would use 13,000 health centres for administering the shots. PORTUGAL Aims to secure about 16 million doses Government aims to start Priority given to elderly, but no details on of 3 vaccines. vaccinating in Jan. strategy. DENMARK 19.3 million doses in first batch enough for 12.4 mln people. Plan announced on Nov. 26: Government has 1.5 million people at risk bought 38 specially because of illness, designed freezers, elderly and health workers frost boxes and dry will be first to be ice. vaccinated at coronavirus testing centres and clinics. Government hopes to have vaccinated whole population within a year. 4 million AstraZeneca 4 million Sanofi/GSK 5.6 million J&J 2.7 million BioNTech/Pfizer T 3 million CureVac HUNGARY More than 12 million in total for Expects vaccines to arrive in the Spring, with healthcare over 36 bln forints. workers and vulnerable people vaccinated first. 6.5 mln AstraZeneca 4.3 mln J&J 4.439 mln Pfizer-BioNTech SWEDEN Coordinator says to be ready to start vaccinating in Jan, but no details. Health care workers will be priority 4.5 million CureVac (enough for over 65s) 4.5 million Pfizer-BioNTech 6 million AstraZeneca (plus 2 more if needed) 4.5 million J&J FINLAND Enough for 5.5 million population Beginning of 2021 Likely to prioritise staff Government says and residents in nursing capacity exists but homes and other vulnerable did not give groups. Regions and details. municipalities to handle vaccinations at existing facilities BULGARIA 12-13 million doses total from EU First deliveries likely in Will outline plans in Working on plans to scheme as well as J&J supplies from mid-January, large scale December. Medics, teachers buy fridges. another EU member state. deliveries March and Q2 2021. and police will likely be the first to be vaccinated CZECH REPUBLIC 9 million via EU scheme from Before year-end depending on Will outline plans by mid-Dec. Healthcare, AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer and J&J. approvals. critical infrastructure workers will be Aim to have enough for 1.5 times priority. population. POLAND Aims to get 20 million doses through First vaccinations should start Plan expected to be announced in early December. EU scheme. It has so far secured 18 in January. million. BELGIUM Entitled to get more than 20 million Belgium PM has said that mass Belgium plans to vaccinate at least 70% of its doses from EU scheme by J&J, vaccination will begin in population. Priority groups will be decided on AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and earnest in Q2/Q3 of 2021. the basis of a public debate and scientific CureVac so far. debate. SWITZERLAND Switzerland, with 8.6 million people, First vaccinations are expected Members of at-risk groups Switzerland is has reserved around 16 million doses, in Q1 2021, though mass including older people and preparing ultra-cold from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and vaccinations are not yet planned their family members are storage capacity to AstraZeneca, as well as through the as officials await data on if being prioritized, as well store up to 3 World Health Organization-sponsored vaccines prevent disease spread, as health personnel. The million doses of COVAX program. or merely symptoms or severe Swiss Army will transport Pfizer/BioNTech's illnesses. vaccines to secure vaccine. warehouses, before delivering it to the country's 26 cantons in charge of giving shots. ICELAND 550,000 doses 75% of population (Reporting by Caroline Copley in Berlin, Matthias Blamont in Paris, Emilio Parodi in Milan, Emma Pinedo in Madrid, Alistiar Smout in London, Jan Lopatka in Prague, Tim Barsoe in Copenhagen, Simon Johnson in Stockholm, Krisztina Than in Budapest, Tsvetelia Tsolova in Sofia, Catarina Demony in Lisbon, Francesco Guarascio in Brussels; Compiled by Josephine Mason in London Editing by Gareth Jones and Carmel Crimmins)

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