U.S. appeals WTO ruling on its multi-billion tariffs on China

26 Oct 2020 / 20:29 H.

    GENEVA, Oct 26 (Reuters) - The United States lodged an appeal on Monday against a WTO ruling last month that found U.S. tariffs imposed on China in 2018 breached global trade rules, a World Trade Organization (WTO) official said.

    A three-person panel had ruled that Washington had not justified why the tariffs imposed after a Section 301 investigation against China were a justifiable exception to its obligations.

    The U.S. delegation, in a speech seen by Reuters announcing its appeal, said that the panel report "reflects a major, missed opportunity for the WTO to begin to address the most serious problem faced by every member that seeks a balanced and fair world trading system: namely, aggressive, state policies that seek to dominate broad industrial sectors." (Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay; Editing by Michael Shields)

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