Eurocham Malaysia joins hands with SME Association to spur development of small and medium enterprises

06 Aug 2020 / 22:55 H.

PETALING JAYA: The EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Eurocham Malaysia) yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with SME Association of Malaysia to jointly spearhead the development of SMEs across all sectors in the European-Malaysian economy, inspiring experiential learning and allowing member companies of both parties to work together in exploring new business opportunities as well as solving common challenges.

Eurocham Malaysia chairman Oliver Roche said it is intensifying its joint efforts in actively promoting industrial transformation, innovation and upgrading in the SME community by encouraging knowledge sharing and long-term partnerships with European industry leaders.

“Our aim is to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability in SMEs to simultaneously improve their organisational performance and operational efficiency,” he said in a statement.

As companies take the next great leap to Industry 4.0, it does not only indicate a technological revolution but a productivity revolution too.

SME Association of Malaysia president Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong said it is important for SMEs to drive talent agility in the age of digitalisation, increasing productivity and enhancing global competitiveness.

By signing the MoU, both parties will explore mutually beneficial business opportunities for the European and Malaysian SME community.

Eurocham Malaysia CEO Sven Schneider said this cooperation will allow it to share its expertise and know-how, combining both forces in realising the full potential of the European and Malaysian SME sectors.

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