Easy DIY Christmas decor projects for the family

Some simple DIY ideas to get the home ready to usher in the yuletide holidays

11 Dec 2020 / 15:11 H.

2020 has not been a good year for festive cheer and just like the previous holidays, Christmas is going to be celebrated mostly indoors at home. Here are some fun Christmas decoration ideas that the entire family can make together to bond during this upcoming celebrations.

1. DIY ornaments

A fun family project to do is to make your own Christmas tree ornaments. There are numerous ideas online to replicate such as ice cream stick trees, tiny gnomes and felt ogee ornament that looks like something Elsa can conjure.

A battery-operated tealight can be transformed into a snowman using ribbons, markers, tiny poms poms, pipe cleaners and felt too.

2. Create a wreath snowman

While there’s no snow in Malaysia all-year-round, children can still enjoy one of the Christmas traditions by helping to assemble snowmen using wreaths. Stack two or three different sized wreaths to make the body and drape an old scarf to keep the snowman warm.

3. Make an alternative Christmas tree

If you don’t have space to put up a regular Christmas tree, thankfully there are plenty of ways to make alternative Christmas trees. The simplest is to decorate the house plants at home with fairy lights or lightweight décor and ornaments.

You can also arrange a few branches in a glass pot and hang Christmas decorations on it for a rustic look.

4. Mix and match your own hot cocoa snowman

Easy DIY Christmas decor projects for the family

Another ingenious way to build a snowman is to make a hot cocoa snowman. All you need is to have three clear containers or jars and the ingredients for hot cocoa. Fill the first jar with marshmallows, the second jar with hot chocolate powder and the third jar with some Christmas mints.

Stack the three containers together to build the snowman and put the finishing touches such as eyes, nose, mouth and a scarf for the snowman.

It can be easily turned into a fun children’s toy by using plastic containers or small cardboard boxes so children can mix and match their own snowmen.

5. DIY snowflake coasters

Easy DIY Christmas decor projects for the family

Brighten up your table with these beautiful snowflake coasters. These coasters can be easily made using white pipe cleaners cut into several sizes and a hot glue gun. Guests will never again leave water ring marks or scratches on your tables.

6. Mason jar snow globes

It’s fun to see a small world nestled inside beautiful mason jars and they can make a pretty décor too. Pick a small toy or figurine such as a toy car, Santa’s sleigh or reindeers and place them in the middle of the jar. You can glue the toys to the jar if you choose too.

Next, pour in a small amount of glitter and fill the jar up with water. Now the small world inside the jar has a glittery snowy Christmas.

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