Exclusive interview with Loki series head writer Michael Waldron

11 Jun 2021 / 12:42 H.

Marvel Studios’ Loki sees the return of the God of Mischief who gets apprehended and recruited by the Time Variance Authority to help stop a bigger threat. BUZZ had the opportunity to get a bit more info from the head writer of the series, Michael Waldron.

What’s the overarching theme of the Loki series?

“Great question. I’m still trying to figure that out myself. The best TV stories, it’s about somebody getting a reckoning of identity with who they are and who they want to be.

“Loki encounters an incredibly powerful organisation [in charge over] all of time. They’re uniquely suited to hold up a mirror to him and make him ask himself who he really is. And that’s something thematically that myself and the writing staff are excited to explore.”

Will this version of Loki reunite with Thor on good terms, or at least remember their bond?

“I’m curious about it myself and I think that’s also something fans are curious of. This is obviously the 2012 Loki that picked up the Tesseract and disappeared with the space stone.

“His relationship with Thor is very different from the Loki who reconciled with Thor in Ragnarok and then lost his life in Infinity War.

“It’s exciting to get to tell a totally different story of Loki wondering if those two will ever reunite again.”

Does Loki get to see the future threats to come when he’s with the Time Variance Authority (TVA)?

“I think that question is exactly why the TVA is an interesting organisation to put Loki up against because they have so much power.

“So when Loki looks at them and realises: ‘Oh man, if I had access to what these guys have access to, imagine what I can do with that information.’

“And that will be bad news and so that’s why he’s drawn to them in our show and that’s what makes an interesting partnership.“

Can you give any hints about the ‘bigger threat’ that Loki has to apprehend?

“Only that it’s a threat that Loki is uniquely suited to face off against. What that means is that the audience will just have to tune in to find out.”

Exclusive interview with Loki series head writer Michael Waldron

What are the influences when it comes to writing for the show?

“The team was inspired by a lot of other shows and films. Rick and Morty [Waldron won an Emmy last year for writing and producing season 4 of the hit animated series], Blade Runner was one, Zodiac, Maniac on Netflix, and different great bits of sci-fi and hardboiled detective stories like Catch Me If You Can.”

What can the audience expect from the Loki series?

“I think they should expect the unexpected (laughs). Like Loki himself, they should expect a show that’s a little bit of a shapeshifter. We try and do a lot.

“It’s just when you think you know where the show is going and you really try to change direction and surprise people and it is first and foremost a thriller and a sci-fi crime thriller.

“People should expect to hopefully be on the edge of their seat as they watch it.”

There’s a rumour saying we get to see a female Loki and a kid Loki, is that true?

“Where does this stuff come from? (laughs) I can neither confirm nor deny, except to say that the TVA has access to all of time and space and different versions of different people and so it’s an exciting place for Loki to find himself in the middle of.”

Do you think there will ever be a Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch and Loki team up in the future?

“Like that cool comic panel that everybody is sharing? (laughs) That will be cool. You’re gonna have to talk to whoever is writing the new Dr Strange .. oh wait! It’s been fortunate to write now for all of those three characters.

“They’re all amazing, all played by three great actors. I think it’s exciting what the future holds for all three of them for sure.”

Are there any fan favourite characters making a surprise cameo in the series?

“Wouldn’t you love to know? Tell everybody here right now. I’d say there’ll be a new fan favourite, and it’s going to be Owen Wilson’s character Mobius. I think he’s going to be a character that people are gonna love to watch.”

Define the series in three words.

“Time travel disaster.”

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