Father’s Day gift ideas

11 Jun 2021 / 16:57 H.

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Although dad says he doesn’t want any gifts for Father’s Day, there’s no harm in surprising dad with a present that he can use. Show him how much you appreciate all he has done for the family with these thoughtful gifts.

Earphones or headphones

Father’s Day gift ideas

Getting dad a good and comfortable earphone or headphone set might help cut down the frequency of loud videos being played from the phone. Such devices also make perfect gifts for dads who love music. It’s even better if the headphone or earphone comes with noise-cancelling features so dad can put the whole family on mute on this special day too!

Bluetooth shower speaker

Dads who love to sing can carry on in the shower with a Bluetooth shower speaker. After a long day, dad can let loose and rock out to his favourite tunes while getting clean.

Grooming kit

Father’s Day gift ideas

Men with beards only look good if the beard is maintained well. Help dad look his best with the best grooming kit to keep those facial hairs in pristine condition. Your mum might even thank you if it helps keep him away from her own skincare products.

Robot vacuum

Robot vacuum... the new man’s best friend?
Robot vacuum... the new man’s best friend?

If your dad has been complaining about the amount of hair fall on the floor, perhaps it’s time to get a robot vacuum. It’s also a handy gift for fur parents. Some robot vacuums come with a mop function, which will make cleaning the home easier. It’s much more convenient if the vacuum can be controlled from an app so the house can be cleaned even if dad isn’t at home.


Even dads love to smell good. Help dad by picking out a good perfume or cologne that isn’t pungent. You can even rope in mum to help with the selection too. Maybe you might even find a perfume for both of your parents too.

Watch box

Father’s Day gift ideas

For dads who are watch collectors, it’s only right to get him another and better watch box. Watch boxes help keep his watch collection in order and safe from scratches. It can also double as a display case. If you’re able to splurge, it’s a good idea to get dad a spinning watch box, called a watch winder, to keep automatic watches working for a long time even when not worn.


As our dads grow older, it’s important for them to be able to rest better. Get dad a good pillow or mattress if the old ones are worn out. A good pillow and mattress can help prevent body aches and injuries.

Magnetic desk mat

Father’s Day gift ideas

Getting a magnetic desk mat will help dad keep his workspace and table organised. Some mats can hide away loose papers and notes, and come with a magnetic cable holder to keep wires organised. These desk mats can come in silicone or PU leather. Getting a silicone mat may be better because it’s easier to wash and clean.

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