Mario Ho explains why he no longer refers himself as Stanley Ho’s fourth wife’s son

02 Jun 2020 / 13:02 H.

Casino magnate Stanley Ho is infamous for his number of wives and children during his illustrious life. Since his passing a week ago, many people have become interested to find out how his fortune will be split among his 3 wives and 16 children.

With much scrutiny on the family, netizens didn’t take it too kindly when Stanley’s youngest son, Mario Ho, updating his Weibo profile and accused him for wanting to break off ties with his family by trying to make a name of his own.

His verified bio on the platform used to read ‘Hong Kong public figure and casino king Stanley Ho’s fourth’s wife’s son.’

The new bio read ‘Macau E-Sports Association Chairman, iDreamSky Partner, Shenzhen Victory 5 E-Sports Chairman.’

A netizen wrote, “Your dad hasn’t even been gone a week. Aren’t you being a little ungrateful?”

In response, Mario uploaded a long statement on Weibo to clarify the situation.

“I never thought I’d have to post a clarification when I was feeling so down. My dad once told me that I shouldn’t let others bully me, because if I let it slide once, there will definitely be a second time.”

“That’s why I have to face this bravely. That’s why I’m here to ask you an important question today: [Is it so hard for you] to act like a human under such circumstances?”

He further explained that the old bio was written when he first joined Weibo seven years ago and decided it was time to change his bio since he has started working.

Mario is married to former Victoria Secret’s model Ming Xi and they have a son named Ronaldo. Ronaldo is also Stanley’s first male grandson to carry the Ho family name.

“I haven’t taken a single cent from my dad since I started my business. My [share of the] inheritance has been decided since I was 15.”

“When I chose to go to China when I was 21, I promised my mother that I would return home to help her [with the family business] if I didn’t make it by the time I was 28.”

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