A list of practical items that you can spoil your loved ones with on Valentine’s day!

VALENTINE’s Day is the day when it is completely acceptable to be cheesy to your partner for the entire day. But, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than just taking your loved ones on a romantic candlelight dinner. This romantic day also includes picking out gifts for your dear one because the joy of giving and receiving presents is simply a global language to show your appreciation and form a strong emotional bond.

Forget jewellery, flowers and chocolates, why not give your partner something they can actually use? Here are 10 practical items that you can gift instead.

Electric mug warmer

$!Credits: MadeInChina

If your partner’s a coffee afficionado and you notice that they seldom get to enjoy their hot cup of coffee before it gets cold just because they are fully immersed in their work, we’ve got the perfect gift for them!

This life-changing gizmo includes a tiny plate that functions as a warmer to keep drinks at a certain temperature. All those times you reached for your drink only to discover they have gone cold will be a distant memory.

This gadget is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet affordable solution. All you’ll have to do is just plug it in, place your mug and wait for it to do its magic. After all, there’s nothing better than sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee!

Milk frother

$!Credits: Shopee

Has your partner ever wanted to brew their own coffee but always had trouble getting that perfect silky-smooth milk texture? Gifting them a milk frother will complete their coffee bar, especially if they’re serious about their coffee.

Aside from being relatively affordable, the benefits of a milk frother are many. For amateurs, milk frothers agitate the liquid until its volume increases and form tiny bubbles in the milk. With the light and airy texture created by the milk frother, coffee lovers can now make their latte art in the comfort of their home!

Personalised jewellery box

$!Credits: Instagram Tulips Gallery

A jewellery box does more than hold jewellery. Often, jewellery boxes symbolise one’s precious feelings. If your partner needs to give their pieces of jewellery a safe home, gifting them a customised jewellery box with their name on it is a lovely touch.

Aside from being able to store their gems, the personalised jewellery box will be remembered for a lifetime and your loved one will feel recognised for the special place they hold in your life. If you’re interested in getting a personalised jewellery box, head on to @tulips_gallery on Instagram!

Personalised lipstick

$!Credits: LipsCarpenter

Besides a personalised jewellery box, a personalised lipstick is also a perfect gift for her. And @thelipscarpenter on Instagram provides this service!

Their best-selling personalised gift box comes with a custom lipstick and moisturising lip balm that is made from natural ingredients. The steps are easy, just pick a lipstick casing that you know your partner with love, choose the lipstick colour, choose a scent to go with the casing and engrave their name on it!

Personalised phone case, cardholder or keyring

$!Credits: Instagram arcana.my

Are you having trouble deciding what to get for him? A personalised phone case, cardholder, keyring will speak directly to his soul. In fact, personalised gifts speak to both genders and it will suit any occasion.

With a personalised phone case or cardholder, it won’t just establish a stronger emotional bond between the two of you, but it will also show them how much effort you put into making them happy. From phone cases to AirPods cases, arcanamy.com will make your dream come true.

Gym membership

$!Credits: PEXELS

Couples who work out together, stay together. Upgrade your Valentine’s Day by getting your partner a gym membership! Studies reveal that couples who work out together feel more satisfied in their relationships, as it increases overall happiness.

Aside from being able to stay fit and healthy together, you’d get to spend more time with them! The best part of this gift is that they won’t get bored of it! If your partner’s already a gym junkie, you’ll be able to save them a few extra bucks, and it is truly a win-win situation!

Massage gun

$!Credits: LMall

Working from home is definitely here to stay, especially with the surge of the Omicron Covid-19 variant, and sitting down for too long can lead to back pain. Now, you can solve your partner’s back problems by getting them a massage gun for Valentine’s Day!

The attachments on the massage gun will vibrate at a high frequency and low amplitude of movement when it is placed on your muscles. As a result, it aids in promoting recovery and reducing muscle soreness and tension.

Headphone holder

$!Credits: etsy

Keep your partner’s working space neat and organised with a headphone holder! Headphone holders are amazing in general. Aside from increasing space and improving their productivity, it also protects their headphones and keeps the cable away.

A sturdy design will be able to protect the headband. Just be sure to pick the right design as the wrong type could distort or stretch their headband.

If your partner has a gaming headphone, make sure to opt for an ergonomic design that will hold the headphone’s shape.

Mini waffle maker

$!Credits: Crate & Barrell

If you’re searching for a fun gift idea, be sure to snag a mini waffle maker. A mini waffle maker makes the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Forget frozen waffles, your partner can now experiment and create fun waffle recipes with their own mini waffle maker!

Aside from being affordable, it is easy to use and makes a great addition to their kitchen.

Another perk of a mini waffle maker is it cuts down on cooking and cleaning time. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh homemade waffle in the morning?

Portable speaker

$!Credits: JBL

Unlike headphones, a portable speaker elevates your entire music experience.

If your partner’s a music enthusiast, gifting them a portable speaker will certainly brighten up their day as they get to share their favourite songs with you. Whether they’re cooking or working out, they can enjoy their listening experience hassle-free.

Besides that, a portable speaker is energy efficient and uses minimal power.