Some tips to pack your Quarantine Go bag

What to pack if you’re going for quarantine?

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Malaysia is still not out of the woods from the Covid-19 pandemic despite the ongoing vaccination efforts. With the recent high number of cases, we’re bound to know someone who needs to undergo mandatory quarantine.

Quarantining in a place other than your home can be scary. If you know someone who’s about to spend a few days at the quarantine centre, hopefully, this list of things to pack and what to expect will help allay their fears.

Arriving in Malaysia

Based on the guidelines by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia, all Malaysians and non-Malaysians arriving in Malaysia are required to provide their test results of the Covid-19 RT-PCR test.

This test must be conducted three days before arrival to Malaysia and presented to the health authority at the point of entry.

If the test result is negative, it must be indicated in the form of a certified laboratory report or a report issued by a registered medical practitioner. It’s also important to note that the test result must be written in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Upon arrival, travellers must undergo a mandatory quarantine and they’ll be assigned to a hotel or a government-designated quarantine centre. The quarantine period for those returning from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka was recently extended to 21 days, while the quarantine period for all other travellers remains at 14 days.

Going into quarantine

If you find yourself getting the order to be quarantined at a hotel or a government facility, here’s what you need to know.

-> What’s provided at the facility

Three meals daily with fruits

Mineral water

Bath essentials and toiletries such as towel, shampoo, soap, toilet paper

Plastic cutleries


Instant coffee and tea

Sugar sachets

Trash bag

Bedsheet and blankets

Charging ports


-> What to pack for a comfortable stay

Clothes and footwear

Enough clothes to last the duration of quarantine

Warm clothes such as a sweater and socks in case it gets really cold

Towel (if you prefer to use your own)

Bathroom slippers





Shampoo and soap (if you prefer to use your own)

Sanitary pads (for women)

Shaver and shaving cream (for men)

Skincare products

Body moisturiser

Face masks

Wet wipes and tissues

Hand sanitiser

Small scissors and nail clippers

Small hairdryer

$!What to pack if you’re going for quarantine?

-> Vitamins & supplements

Medication such as Panadol, ointment for aches and pains, anti-histamines for allergies

Strepsils or other throat relieving lozenges to soothe sore throats

Charcoal pills for stomach aches or food poisoning

Plasters in case of cuts or minor injuries

-> Food and snacks

Most quarantine centres allow family members to deliver food and other essentials. It’s still best to check with the quarantine centre regarding the types of food allowed.

During the stay, you’re allowed to order food from food delivery services. If that’s not enough, you can pack some snacks and items to bring with you such as:

Instant coffee or tea sachets

Cup noodles

Cereal or granola bars

Biscuits and dry snacks

Condiment packets

Water tumbler

A mug

A food container to act as plate and food storage

Ziplock bags

-> Tech essentials

Phone charger and cables

Travel adapter

Laptop charger

HDMI cable (for hotel quarantine)


SIM card (if you arrive from outside Malaysia)

-> Miscellaneous items

Books and magazines

Netflix and Kindle subscription

Board games or card games

Laundry detergent and laundry bag

Dishwashing liquid and sponge (for hotel quarantine)

Yoga mat for those who can’t miss the gym