PETALING JAYA: Real estate located in the southern and northern parts of Peninsular Malaysia will generate the most luck and money for property investors and buyers in the Year of the Tiger, according to feng shui master Jane Hor.

Hor said commercial and residential properties in the northern region such as Penang and the southern region such as Johor Baru are bound to bring ong (prosperity, fortune and auspiciousness) to investors.

“If you are not looking for properties in these states, you are advised to zoom in on the northern and the southern parts of an area. For example, focus on properties at Bangsar South if you are looking for a property in Bangsar or Kinrara in Puchong. Prioritise the southern and the northern parts of a township, district, or region.

“I advise investors to buy commercial property such as factory or warehouse and rent to businesses because 2022 is the year of technology, factory and warehouse type of properties will be good as e-commerce is booming,” Hor told Property Take.

She advised property developers to focus on building studio units as well as to include commercial components in residential developments.

“Developers should emphasise more cultural and art events in shopping malls to increase sales and footfall. For instance, events or campaigns with cultural and educational elements such as the history of dinosaurs exhibition instead of campaigns that highlight new brands or products,” she said.

For home buyers, Hor said the good feng shui of a house depends on the buyer’s and the property’s bazi (which means eight characters or words in Chinese, relating to the Four Pillars of Destiny). It is advised that home buyers seek personal advice from feng shui masters.

Concurring with Hor is feng shui master Louis Loh, who also advised developers to bring in more cultural-based uniqueness to a property project.

“Property developers are advised to incorporate technology in their developments, for example, smart home and animal-friendly elements, to residential developments. You can incorporate one or more cultural and art components into the development.

“I mean solid and real inclusivity; for example, if a developer wants to incorporate gaming as a selling point for the property, he has to build a corner that is soundproof for gaming, not just decoration for the properties,” Loh told Property Take.

He said property is a good investment during inflation, and is one of the tools to retain value. However, investors are advised to be careful when choosing the location of the property due to oversupply in Malaysia.

“In feng shui, property investment location is of paramount importance. Investors are advised to buy property in a matured neighbourhood and township and refrain from projects with ‘promised’ infrastructure and development.

“For home buyers, the most important thing is your feeling when you step into the property you want to buy. Generally, a property facing south or north direction is a good choice for Period 9 (a cycle in feng shui from 2024 to 2044),” he explained.

Loh said the property segment will show some green shoots in 2022 but not a rapid increase in sales.

On commercial and residential property segments performance this year, Hor said the residential property market will be stable while Loh foresees a stagnant market.

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