Recycling has been a buzzword for the past few years, but making it easy and profitable for people is a different matter entirely. This is where Carlsberg Malaysia came in. The company teamed up with Ripple, a Sabah-based recycling association, to manage its non-returnable glass bottles. In the process, it empowered local communities here to tackle waste and generate income through its three-year pilot programme that uses a crushing machine called CarlsBot. The crushed glass produced by CarlsBot is in the form of cullets (recycled broken or waste glass used in glass-making). Ripple distributes the recycled material to local communities and trains them to repurpose the waste into usable materials. (Pic) From left: Clini, Yap and members of the Tonibung team with the Carlsbot glass-crushing machine. MUHAMMAD YUSRY THESUN