Report on hiring of foreign workers out in two months: Mahfuz

07 Jan 2019 / 20:08 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: A full report on hiring foreign workers, especially the issue of Nepalese workers, will be ready in two months.

Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar (pix) said the report is still at the discussion stage and any decision depends on a report by the Independent Foreign Workers’ Committee.

“Any suggestion or policy regarding foreign workers will be based on recommendations by the committee,” he said today after visiting the Industrial Training Institute of Kuala Lumpur (ILPKL) to monitor student enrolment for the 2019 semester.

“These issues will be solved once the report is ready. But the government is committed to solving any foreign workers issue that crops up in the meantime.”

In May last year, it was reported that the Nepalese government had temporarily halted sending workers to Malaysia as they (workers) were charged exorbitant fees for related services by private companies appointed by the previous government.

Following that, the Nepali government launched a crackdown on various institutions collecting extra fees from migrant workers as it was against Nepal’s policy.

The sending of Nepali workers to Malaysia was put on hold as several Nepali companies were under investigation as the workers could not process their visas via the companies.

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