CHESTERS Collection, a renowned luxury home and office furniture brand, has officially launched its showroom in the heart of Bangsar.

Offering eight premium European brands for design connoisseurs, furniture enthusiasts and artists at heart, Chesters Collection is set to be the premier multi-brand destination for high quality, luxurious and comfortable furniture.

Chesters Collection offers a highly personalised service for its customers, ranging from its choices of fabric, leather and colour, professional advice on home and office styling, and customisable furniture in terms of configurations and styles.

The five European countries where Chesters Collection imports from are Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

“Everything we do at Chesters Collection is centered around satisfaction,” said the founder and CEO of Chesters Collection James Edison.

He said the retailer’s close relationship with premium European brands allows them to bring a unique range of quality designer furniture to furnish the homes and officers of their loyal customers.

The grand opening of the showroom on June 28, 2019, saw the introduction of leading Italian brand Tonon, along with the new River Collection by award winning architect and designer Mac Stopa, whose clients include Cargill, Mastercard, Samsung, BMW and Google to name a few.

The new Tonon’s River Collection is water resistant, fire retardant, non-toxic and made of 100% hygienic material.

“To be here in Kuala Lumpur and share this special collection with guests of Chesters Collection is such a privilege,” said Stopa.

While Edison said the River Collection with its futuristic aesthetics and infinite number of outdoor and indoor applications will appeal to the Malaysian and Asian markets.

From humble beginnings in 2003, Chesters Collection has evolved to cater to an ever growing demand in the Malaysian market for premium quality furniture.

“Furniture has always been a passion for us. From the moment a customer approaches us to the delivery and installation of the final product, my team and I will be there to help you. As each project and home is entirely unique, we provide customers with services tailored to meet their requirements,” added Edison.