Chronicling 115 years

18 Nov 2019 / 14:09 H.

MARKING over a century of existence, the Thermos 115th Anniversary Pop-Up Store will be running from now to Nov 20 at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, to celebrate the brand’s unsurpassed commitment to quality and the amazing journey it has taken with Thermos fans who have showed continuous support throughout the years.

The pop-up store will be exhibiting the company’s historical milestones since 1904, along with educating users on the brand’s constant innovation through a time travel journey with a vintage-designed booth.

What once toured every city and streets in America back in 1909 to convey the brand’s promise and persistence, the quirky Thermos bottle-shaped “Thermosmobile” has been miniaturised for display at the pop-up store.

Also on display is Thermos’ classic historical visuals and collection of old products that has played an integral part in households and lifestyles for decades.

As a leader in vacuumware and insulated products, an array of Thermos’ world-class inventions has allowed the company to mark history with numerous leaps in the world’s first product innovations throughout the past century such as the Glass Vacuum flask in 1904, the Stainless Steel flask in 1978, the Shuttle Chef in 1989 and the Sport Bottle in 1998.

Additionally, the pop-up store will also feature an interactive game called “Guess the Celcius”, where visitors will be able to participate in a guessing game that reinforces both Thermos’ quality assurance and educates consumers on temperature retention.

Those seeking to purchase Thermos’ products can check out a special range of products with exclusive promotions at the Thermos Experience Shop in The Gardens Mall during the duration of the pop-up store.

The exclusively vintage designed Thermos Limited Edition Touch ‘n Go Card is up for grabs in a limited batch of 115 units only with purchases from the store.

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