Add a crisp, refreshing feel of French linen to your outfit

13 Mar 2019 / 19:07 H.

TO THRIVE in the tropical Malaysian weather, wearing clothes that are breathable, easy to care for and comfortable is essential. In line with its philosophy of LifeWear, UNIQLO continues to create relevant items to cater to the needs of its customers, with the launch of its premium linen collection.

The collection is made of the highest quality raw materials sourced from Western Europe.

Linen fabric is made of flax plants which are grown in Western Europe, accounting for 80% of flax grown worldwide.

The flax fibres are mechanically extracted from the stalk of the plant and then straightened and blended.

The fibres are eventually twisted into yarns that go into UNIQLO’s premium linen range.

Due to Western Europe good farming practices, the flax grown are environmentally friendly.

The plant is grown on rain water and there are no irrigation involved.

No chemicals are introduced in the entire transformation of the flax plant into linen yarns.

UNIQLO has been producing a variety of linen products over the years.

Linen clothes are easy to care for and are machine washable.

Thanks to its longer fibres, linen is one of the few fabrics that get better over time as it becomes softer and more lustrous.

Its airy fabrication enables it to insulate in the cold making it cool and breathable when it’s warm. UNIQLO has launched a new collection of premium linen shirts that is now available both in stores and UNIQLO’s online store.

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