An island paradise

If you long to touch the sandy white beaches in the Maldives, here are some tips to remember before you embark on your dream holiday

19 Nov 2019 / 00:52 H.

Holidaying in Maldives is unlike any other getaways you’ve been and it’s high up on everyone’s bucket list. Many who have been there say it feels like a never ending holiday.

An island paradise

After all, the island paradise nation in the Arabian Sea is made up of 1,190 beautiful coral islands with palm-fringed sandy beaches and world-class surf breaks.

Imagine seeing luxury yachts and dhonis (multi-purpose sailboats) bobbing on the turquoise sea in the distance as you exit the plane! Here’s what you need to know before embarking on the holiday of a lifetime.

Friendly locals

An island paradise

The friendly locals are part of the reason people keep returning. Visitors are greeted with bright smiles and coconut drinks upon arrival.

While the locals speak in a language known as Dhivehi, they are also able to converse in English which makes it easy for tourists to get around and mingle.

Currency and visa

Maldivians use the local currency known as the Rufiyaa (MVR) but USD is commonly accepted as well. There are ATMs on some islands, but it’s best to prepare extra cash for emergencies.

Visitors don’t need to apply for a visa when they travel to the Maldives. This means all you need to do is to just pack your bags and set off on your getaway!

Culture and customs

An island paradise

The Maldives is a Muslim country, which means that all of the local food, such as mas huni (Maldivian breakfast) and bajiyaa (pastry with tuna stuffing), are halal. Fellow Muslim travelers can dine on the island to their hearts’ content without worries.

Visitors should also take note that consumption of alcohol is only permitted in the resorts or on board liveaboard vessels. Prohibited items, including duty-free alcoholic drinks and pork products, are not permitted on inhabited islands.

Visitors (male and female) should also dress modestly in light cotton clothing, with shoulders and legs covered while out in public.

Fortunately, most of the local islands with guesthouses have private beaches (known as bikini beaches) where visitors are free to dress in swimwear.


Tourist establishments have strong Wi-Fi, often for free. Prepaid SIM cards can be bought at the airport, and visitors have attested that they are able to get strong data connection even in the open sea!

When is the perfect time to travel?

The azure seawater is calm from January to April, perfect to observe sea life while snorkelling and scuba diving. The waves are largest around September, making it a favourite month for surfers.

Generally, the best time to travel to the Maldives is between the months of December to April, which is perfect for honeymoons, year end getaways, anniversaries and celebrations, because the weather will be sunny with low humidity and little rainfall.

How to get there?

Getting there is easy with AirAsia. AirAsia has direct flights to Velana International Airport in Male, the capital of the Maldives, and flies there 10 times weekly.

Upon reaching Male, visitors must arrange their own transportation to their lodgings via speedboat, yacht, seaplane or dhoni.

Getting around the island

Due to the numerous islands, getting around the Maldives involves a lot of water travel. Visitors can go island or resort hopping using a private speedboat, yacht, local ferries, seaplane or the dhoni.

Most of the attractions on the local islands are within walking distance but if you have to catch a ride, it is possible to hail a taxi.

An island paradise

Where to stay?

While the seaside luxury resorts are the epitome of Maldives, visitors can choose to stay in hotels, guesthouses or liveaboards.

Of these, guesthouses are affordable, and you get to live like a local instead of hiding away in a secluded resort. Guesthouses are often exquisitely decorated until they resemble luxury accomodation, with swimming pools and cabanas. Guesthouse services even rival that of luxury resorts, with lots of island activities provided such as snorkelling and island hopping.

Want a fuss-free holiday?

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The inclusive flight and hotel booking not only helps you manage your budget but you also get to enjoy more! With prices starting from RM1,200 (T&C apply), you’ll be able to enjoy your dream holiday in paradise soon enough.

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