Auspicious gifts for all

Experience prosperity with Poh Kong’s golden designs

17 Jan 2020 / 13:17 H.

Look and feel your best this Chinese New Year with Poh Kong’s 2020 Year of the Rat Auspicious Jewellery Series. Featuring festive and meaningful accessories, these gifts will bless family members and friends with good fortunes throughout the year!

1. Rodent of Abundance Series

Poh Kong’s Rodent of Abundance Series pays homage to the Year of the Rat with numerous cute and playful gold pendant designs. The rat pendants are designed to symbolise wealth and prosperity for the wearer, with names such as Prosperity Gold Rodent Pendant, Rodent of Blessings Pendant, Rodent of Wealth Pendant, Rodent of Wisdom Pendant and Rodent of Fortune Pendant.

There are three bracelets in the series too. The first, QQ Gold Rodent Charm, can also be strung into a necklace. For the children, they would love the gold bracelets named Precious Little Prince Bracelet and Precious Little Princess Bracelet, which blesses the wearer with harmony and happiness.

2. Happiness Series

Bringing a sense of peacefulness, auspiciousness and harmony, this beautiful collection comprises a pendant, necklace, bracelet and earrings in an exquisite handcrafted apple-shape design.

The newly released lucky charm comes in the design of a golden apple sitting on a key. Named the Happiness & Wealth Pendant, the apple-shaped top features ancient coin motifs and protects the wearer from jealous eyes while gaining wealth in the New Year.

3. Golden Delights Series

The Golden Delights Series features a collection of rings, bangles, bracelets and charms. The Blooming Happiness Bangle and Ring reflects the purity of the lotus flower and instils a vibe of truthful virtue, kindness and beauty within the wearer while improving interpersonal relationships for better fortune. As a highlight feature, the golden flower petals can be presented in the embraced or blossomed display.

The Ten Blessings Bracelet is inscribed with the Chinese words ‘Fu Lu Shou Cai Xi Xing Wang Ji Li Fa’ which blesses the wearer. The Wealth & Harmony Ring and Charms feature the Chinese characters ‘Fu Gui Yuan Man (Wealth & Harmony)’ which blesses the wearer with good omens and all-around harmony throughout the year.

The Wealth Bangle is opulent with the engraved Chinese words ‘Fu Lin Man Men (Blessings Descend)’ and ‘Cai Li Heng Tong (Wealth Incoming)’ while featuring ancient coin motifs all over the smooth surface.

For extra wealth and prosperity, go for the Fullness of Wealth Necklace featuring a bucket of gold pendant or the Four Treasures Bracelet featuring four lucky charms with the Fu (Fortune) character, Abacus, Kumquat (Golden Tangerine) and Lucky Bag.

4. Prosperity Pixiu Series

Auspicious gifts for all

Flourishing Pixiu Key pendant

Pixiu, an ancient beast of the Chinese folklore, is believed to attract wealth and treasures, while also filled with the positive energy for household harmony, exorcism, and protection. The Flourishing Pixiu Key pendant is a key of Pixiu and ancient coins , creating golden opportunities that generate greater richness and success.

5. Five Elemental Beast Series

Azure Dragon Gold Ring
Azure Dragon Gold Ring

To increase your luck and fortunes, you may couple your inner element with attributes of the Five Elemental Beasts such as Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and Qilin.

6. Abacus of Prosperity Series

Auspicious gifts for all

Abacus of Prosperity

Auspicious gifts for all

Abacus of Ascension Pendant

For a stunning accessory, the Abacus of Prosperity series features an amalgamation of gold, jade, and an abundance of ancient coins to propel your wealth in the New Year. You can choose to wear the Abacus of Prosperity Bracelet or the Abacus of Ascension Pendant featuring a flying dragon, and be the eye of the party.

7. Disney Series

Fans of Mickey Disney should not miss the golden opportunity to secure the Mickey Fu pendant as it’ll take another 12 years for the next release! Other pendants in the series are the classy Mickey Batik Pendant and Minnie Batik Pendant.

8. Jadeite Series

The Jadeite Series exudes elegance and nobility as it features beautiful green jades and white diamonds. Whether it’s the earring, plum blossom necklace or bracelet, it’s a perfect gift for every woman with intellect and class.

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