Happy Father’s Day from theSun

14 Jun 2019 / 20:26 H.

WALK a little slower Daddy,“

said a child so small,

“I’m following in your footsteps”

and I don’t want to fall

Sometimes your steps are very fast,

Sometimes they are hard to see,

So walk a little slower, Daddy,

For you are leading me,

Someday when I am all grown up,

You’re what I want to be,

Then I will have a little child

Who will want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,

And know that I was true,

So walk a little slower, Daddy,

For I must follow YOU.”

This Sunday is Father’s Day and theSun joins all readers to wish fathers the best of health and thanks for their love and care.

Share a great moment between your dad and you, and you might just win a travel voucher worth RM5,000 in the Great Eastern/theSun Father’s Day LIVE GREAT Moments online contest, which ends June 23.


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