Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

13 Jun 2019 / 20:22 H.

ISUZU Malaysia is poised to retain its position as Malaysia’s top lorry brand following the showcase of its latest dependable and efficient Elf and Forward lorry variants today.

The new lorry that will be available for sale from the third quarter of this year are expected to further increase the brand’s appeal, particularly in the light-duty segment where the Isuzu Elf models have enjoyed the title of Malaysia’s top-selling lorry range for the last nine consecutive years.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

Globally acknowledged by lorry operators for its highly dependable performance with low running costs, the Elf range (pix, above) is also one of the most versatile in the market with 11 variants of various tonnage and drivetrains available to suit the individual requirements of users.

Once the new 2019 line-up comes on stream, Isuzu Malaysia will offer 19 variants of the Elf covering four-wheeler, six-wheeler, 4x4 and Crew-Cab versions, giving it the widest range of light duty lorry options in the market.

“With the wider selection of variants available, lorry operators will be able to select the most appropriate Isuzu vehicle for their operations rather than to buy a lorry that is not perfectly configured to their transportation needs,” said Isuzu Malaysia CEO Koji Nakamura during the media preview of the lorries in Shah Alam today.

Smoother drive with ‘Smoother’

Of particular interest to businesses that operate their vehicles in frequent stop-start and congested urban environments will be the availability of selected lorry models fitted with “Smoother”, a six-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) as factory variants.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

Offering the full benefits of an automatic transmission but with the reliability and low running cost akin to manual transmissions, “Smoother” offers a significant advantage as the gears are directly coupled thus do not suffer from energy loss through hydraulic slippage.

Furthermore, Isuzu’s “Smoother” selects the most appropriate gear for the given driving condition. This ensures that the engine revolutions remain within its optimal range thus extending the life of the engine and drivetrain.

On the “Smoother” models, there is even a secondary “Eco” mode that the driver can select to automatically change gears at lower engine revolutions, providing even greater fuel savings.

Although the initial purchase price of the “Smoother” models is higher, business owners are able to enjoy lower running costs as fluid coupling doesn’t cause wear and tear.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

It will also be easier to employ drivers as the pool of drivers who can handle manual transmissions is shrinking. Drivers too will find the “Smoother” models a boon and less fatiguing, enabling them to better retain concentration throughout their workday.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

With the proliferation of E-commerce, the new Isuzu Elf variants offer the perfect solution to the rising demand for dependable and efficient deliveries.

The engines for “Smoother” models comply with the Euro 3 emission standards, ensuring the Elf remains efficient and environmentally friendly.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

Isuzu Malaysia is also introducing three new crew cab variants to its 2019 Elf line-up. With a total of four models in that segment, those in the service industry will find more flexibility to transport their manpower and goods efficiently and safely.

Unlike some retro-fitted after-market crew cabs that are prone to ill-fitment, Isuzu’s crew cabs are designed at Isuzu’s R&D centre employing the latest technologies, built and outfitted completely in the Isuzu factory thus come with full compliance to the highest ECE safety standards and enjoy the full Isuzu warranty.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

Bigger and mightier Forward

The Isuzu Forward range (pix, bottom), a favourite among long-haulers for its exemplary low-running cost, impressive manoeuvrability and highly-accommodating cabin will be further improved for 2019 with a beefier chassis and higher performance.

The FVR34 model will now come with a GVW of 19 tonnes, up from the current 18-tonne capacity.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

This upgraded payload capacity not only allows owners to maximise each load thereby reducing their transportation costs, the manoeuvrability of the Forward range makes it very ideal for intra-city hauling, eliminating the need to break bulk for urban pick-up and deliveries.

The front axle capacity too has been significantly increased to 7,500kg contributing to its superior carrying capacity.

As complement to the increased payload, the nimble and flexible 6HK1-TC powerplant has now been tweaked to develop a very respectable 296hp (or 300PS) of power with 986Nm of torque for the FVR300 model, giving it superior performance over all Malaysian road conditions, particularly over hilly terrains.

To capitalise on the improved performance of the FVR300 model, the range will now be paired to a new Eaton transmission.

Using nine forward speeds including a “crawler” gear for severe terrain, the new transmission’s ratios better match the engine’s improved performance characteristics, giving the FVR more flexible performance while the engine revolutions remain more frequently in its optimal zone.

Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

Isuzu Malaysia has chosen to retain the ever-popular FVR240 model in the line-up for those who require the large cargo capacity but haul less weighty bulk such as foodstuff or furniture or perform duties as council vehicles.

To retain a high level of safety, the FVR34 range now comes standard with full air brakes and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Braking performance is significantly improved while the ABS system greatly assists in maintaining braking stability particularly on slippery surfaces.

Further upgrades to the Forward line-up include a larger capacity alternator that is able to better meet the power demands of high-amperage equipment.

The new 2019 range of Isuzu lorries will be available at all 43 authorised Isuzu outlets nationwide from third quarter of this year.

$!Isuzu widens appeal, expands lorry range

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