Many ways to enjoy the cold

04 Jul 2019 / 20:32 H.

THIRTY ONE local journos representing 18 media organisations decided to accept Resorts World Genting’s Sub-Zero Challenge. They braved frigid temperatures, with some coming out at the top, over the rest.

The event - held at Genting Highlands, a hilltop resort which is popular among the locals and tourists for its cool climate - welcomed the media participants to Snow World where the “challenge” took place.

Snow World, which first opened in 2003 and was revamped in 2011 at a cost of RM15 million, provides a recreation space of 22,800 sf and includes a snow chamber that can accommodate 250 people. It is reminiscent of a European Winter Wonderland, complete with freezing temperatures of -6°.

The challenge was simple - remain in Snow World for as long as possible with just a layer of clothing under the standard jacket, boots and gloves provided. In three and a half hours, most of the participants had dropped out, citing the extreme temperature unbearable. At three hours and 49 minutes, the remaining five who braved the cold decided to call it quits and split their winnings.

Shared one very happy and “extremely cold” Iqram Rosli from Bernama News Channel: “Our hands and feet started cramping; we couldn’t feel our face anymore and we had to come to a conclusion. All of us stood in a circle to discuss the best possible way for all five of us to come out as winners. So we decided to share out our prizes - some took home the trophies while others opted for the hotel stay. It was a win-win for everyone.”

To the surprise of all the contestants, the generosity of Resorts World Genting ensured no one left without a prize.

Grand-prize winner Brian Lee took home the Gold Media Trophy, while Iqram Rosli and Muzzamil decided on a 3D/2N stay at Genting Grand Hotel, along with passes for two to The Void and Skytropolis.

Rewards were also showered on the rest who were game enough to take on the wintry conditions with Eddy Ong receiving the second-prize comprising a silver trophy, while Nik went for the the 3D/2N stay at Resorts World Langkawi and a Skytropolis Fun Day Pass for two. The third prize went to Zamir who received a bronze trophy, a 2D/1N stay at Awana Hotel, and a Skytropolis Fun Day Pass for two.

“Life is all about challenges and I hope our media friends enjoyed this unique challenge here today. We have taken this to a new extreme by turning it into a polar region for the Sub-Zero Challenge,” said Resorts Communication and Public Relations vice-president, Katherine Chew, and added: “This is just one of the many interesting ways that we can ‘twist’ our attractions in Resorts World Genting into a whole new world of fun and challenge.”

Members of the media in Snow World.

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