SME Unplugged: 100 Go Digital Series Part 2

01 May 2020 / 14:24 H.

More Updates! SME Unplugged: 100 Go Digital Series Part 2 is happening next week on Tuesday - an initiative by MDEC & Wordlabs focusing on essential discussions for SMEs to evolve and rebound.

Tuesday, 05 May 2020 (9:30 AM - 11:30AM)

To reinforce the importance of Digital Marketing for SMEs with the current rise and rise of eCommerce.

We have also arranged an Exclusive SME Unplugged Clinic, only for our attendees to experience and learn hands-on about digitalising your business.

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Join us and watch what they have to say!

Maverick Foo, Institute of Marketing Malaysia:

Sure, economists are talking about the impending financial recessions, but if you look at the brands we all respect and admire, along with the year they were founded in - Uber (2009), AirBNB (2008), Alibaba (1999), Google (1998), all the way back to Disney (1929) - you want to know the similarities?

They all started in financial crises. So, will you allow the crisis to break you, or will it make you?

Eugene Lee, McDonald’s:

The digital media consumption during the MCO will likely sustain into the future, making it more crucial than ever to plan & deploy a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Vittorio Furlan, ada-asia:

Covid-19 and the Lockdowns are leading us to a series of new normals. New personas, new types of consumers, will be born out of it. And they will be way more digitized than before.

Learn from these experts on how to start and sustain your business throughout your digital journey.

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