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Get ready for Halloween in style with these paranormal designs from Bliss Nail Studio

16 Oct 2020 / 17:19 H.

The Halloween plans for this year are in disarray no thanks to the rise of Covid-19 cases. While being under Conditional Movement Control Order put a wrench in a lot of plans, I managed to get a head start with my Halloween plans. Perhaps, you could even DIY it yourself at home.

I went back to Bliss Nail Studio, the same nail salon where I had my Spooktacular nails done to perfection last year. For last year’s Halloween, I had my nails done with a darker theme featuring Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and the shimmery night sky. While I was tempted to go for a spooky design featuring dripping blood and Scream’s Ghostface masks, I decided to go for something cheerier this time round.

What drew me to the new selection of Halloween nail designs were the adorable ghosts, bats and pumpkins. These characters seem to be having a fun time partying together in their own little worlds. Coincidentally, I was told the design I chose last year and this year were designed by the same manicurist. Looks like I found my ‘official’ Halloween nail technician!

I do enjoy coming back to Bliss Nail because the manicurists are always neat and detail-oriented. My nails are always gently shaped before the actual painting began and I’m always at ease in the chair while they work on my nails. As always, I always appreciate that they take extra care to make sure each customer goes home with smooth and neatly manicured nails.

While the manicurist expertly worked on my fingernails, I decided to try something different and have my toes done as well. I toyed with the idea of having a ghost cat and a black cat on my big toes. It was a design which I’ve spotted online for some time and thought it would match the cute theme on my fingernails.

After choosing the right shade of orange befitting the spirit of pumpkins, the manicurist set right off to work to bring my wish to life like a fairy godmother. At the end of the session, I happily walked home with cats on my toes and a party of ghosts, pumpkins and bats on my fingers. Together, I imagine they tell a happy Halloween night out which is also something I wish for everyone.

To get a bit of Halloween cheer for yourself, Bliss Nail Studio is giving away a complimentary nail and pampering session to 10 lucky readers.

For instructions on how to enter the giveaway, check out the Facebook post below.

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