Dead man working

27 Jun 2019 / 10:51 H.

FROM KuLT Productions, with the support of The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat, comes a musical comedy about no escape for the overworked even after death. That’s where the zombie comes in!

The Working Dead (right) is directed by Nicole-Ann Thomas and stars Brian Cheong, Colin Kirton, Iz Sulaini and Denise Yap.

Others in the cast include Kirthana Kuhendran, Pryanka Rasa, Tina Isaacs, Zhafri Hassan, Zickry Yusof, and Zukhairi Ahmad.

The musical is based on a script and lyrics by Terence Toh, who is also the executive producer, with music by Lydia Tong and Kelvin Loh which

will be performed by a four-piece live band.

The team has been working on this show for over two years.

Set in contemporary Kuala Lumpur, The Working Dead tells the story of Edwin, a dedicated salaryman who works long hours to provide for his wife, Sarah.

When he dies unexpectedly, his demanding boss, Chan, hires a bomoh to bring him back as a corporate zombie to continue his work. Now, it’s all up to Sarah, and Edwin’s colleagues to save the day!

In explaining the message behind this musical, Toh said that nowadays, many workers take on two or three jobs just to earn more “but some people go too far, sacrificing their families or health to do so”.

Toh added: “These people have become no different than zombies. Slaving hard at a job they don’t believe in, just for a paycheque.

“You read reports of people dying of overwork. The Working Dead asks us to stop and ask ourselves: ‘Is this really the way to go’?”

Catch The Working Dead at Pentas 2, klpac, from July 18 to Aug 4. For more, visit The Working Dead musical Facebook page.

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