Kaktus in name, soft by nature

19 Nov 2020 / 10:11 H.

IN LINE with its constant reveal of new talents with different music genres for Malaysian listeners, New Southern Records Sdn Bhd (NSR) is introducing singer Adam Kaktus, who has just launched a new single, Rama-Rama.

Addressing his unique stage name, Adam explains that despite the prickly exterior of a cactus, the plant’s insides are soft.

“That’s not all. I was inspired [to name myself] ‘Kaktus’ after listening to a cover of Jacques Dutronc’s Les Cactus by the Last Shadow Puppets. Cacti are also able to withstand desert conditions for a long time without water.

“I hope I will be able to be a ‘cactus’ in this industry,” said the singer, whose interest in music began at the age of 14.

According to A&R manager, Raja Muhammad Nazreen Raja Azahar, Adam’s selection for the collaboration was due to the latter’s vocal character and personality, which were very unique.

Furthermore, due to NSR’s intent to ease its way out from certain comfort zones in music, the music Adam brings allows NSR to move into a new musical direction.

As a streaming artiste, Adam has followers and fans of his own, in the current age of digital music, Adam’s relevance as an artist is easily marketable.

The new single Rama-Rama revolves around a Singaporean woman who works hard to support herself, without needing attention from the community as she is content with her uniqueness and beauty.

The song was made featuring a Lo-fi/Bedroom Pop music concept, where the melodies are developed using cheap instruments and the music was produced without a huge studio.

Before this, Adam, a University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) graduate, release three other singles. The first was the indie pop Sajak Cinta, then a Doo Wop/Pop Yeh-Yeh sequel called Sajak Curang, and finally, Dalam Tidurku that had an Alternative Pop theme.

Through Rama-Rama, Adam hopes that his music will be accepted by mainstream listeners, so that he might become a respected Malaysian singer and composer.

Rama-Rama can be heard on all music streaming platforms and on NSR’s Youtube channel.

$!Kaktus in name, soft by nature

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