Reach for the stars

21 Feb 2020 / 09:56 H.

DESPITE all the recent chaos, Hong Kong film producer Raymond Wong, alongside All’s Well End’s Well 2020 actors Adam Pak and Dada Chan, arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur for the Lotus Five Star Appreciation Luncheon that took place on Feb 17.

The luncheon was held to celebrate the smashing success of Ip Man 4 in Malaysia, which exceeded Wong’s expectations.

He shared that he is very happy for the success of the movie and beyond grateful for the support from Malaysian fans.

Wong has been travelling to Malaysia for the past ten years to promote his movies, and he is no stranger to local media as he makes occasional visits to Kuala Lumpur.

However, for the Sydney born-and-raised Pak, this is his first official visit to Kuala Lumpur in an effort to promote the movie All’s Well End’s Well 2020. Adam first debuted as a Hong Kong actor in the 2018 film L Storm, and made a small appearance in the subsequent P Storm which came out last year.

During the media Q&A session, the 37-year-old actor said: “I couldn’t read Chinese characters when I was in Australia, so the journey has been quite difficult. There’s so many characters (in Chinese) to learn, and different accents.

“Being up-to-date with my language is really important. Thanks to the company who has always helped me with my scripts. I’m very grateful.”

Pak then slipped in a sentence in Cantonese, jokingly saying that he is still not very fluent in the dialect, causing the crowd to laugh along with him.

He also further explained his journey to become a Hong Kong actor, despite his lack of proficiency in Cantonese.

“I think it’s important when you are doing any character, you gotta put everything you got into it. For that moment, whatever character that I am playing, I try to be as fluent as possible!”

As for future movies or shows, the handsome actor is letting his company decide for him, as he currently does not have any preference in mind.

“I trust in the company. If the company tells me to go anywhere on a plane, I’ll go.”

During the luncheon, Adam shared his thoughts about Malaysia with the audience: “I love the food, love the people, love the climate.

“Oh my gosh, I wanna come back as soon as possible.”

Being part of the All’s Well End’s Well 2020 cast was definitely a dream come true for Adam,as he recalls watching the prior installments of the All’s Well End’s Well movie series a few years back.

“It is not easy to go from [being] an audience member to a cast of the movie.”

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