A family affair

Five childrenswear brands for parents to sport identical outfits alongside their kids

17 Feb 2021 / 07:00 H.

TWINNING in fashion is never a dull moment, especially when the whole family is in it together.

It goes without saying that parents often see a lot of themselves in their children and are reminded of their younger selves. By coordinating matchy outfits, they just might look like their children. The resemblance is uncanny!

Imagine taking a stroll in the park or dining at a cafe, these incredibly cute outfits are not just for the little one to turn heads but the whole family. And it is here that ‘family affair’ takes on a different meaning and say, “You can’t sit with us”.

Niko & Clare.
Niko & Clare.

1. Niko & Clare

Launched in late 2020, the newest apparel brand in town, Niko & Clare is all about celebration – celebrating friends, family, achievements, memories, love and hope; you name it, Niko & Clare celebrates it.

The brainchild of singer and former Head Mouseketeer at Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse, Charis Ow and her friend Niniek Sugiarti are inspired by their love for twin dressing, offering comfortable and versatile clothing that transcend time for the little ones to match with their mom.

Its debut collection, We Celebrate, focuses on matching textures, ruffles, ribbons and bows with spring and summer-inspired colour hues.

The Natty.
The Natty.

2. The Natty

Established by Nadia Fauzi, The Natty was launched after the birth of Nadia’s second son. She shared that at the time she was pregnant, she found little maternity clothes that reflect her minimalist taste. She wanted clothes that were both stylish and functional and would work double duty whether she was pregnant or not.

Nadia set out to create the capsule wardrobe and the result was The Natty – smart and well designed, perfectly befitting of the brand name. It combines her love for all things monochrome while celebrating the idea of conscious style and playful living in everyday life.

The launch in 2019 included a series of clothing for infant, toddler and young children up to the age of eight; some of which mirrors the designs of the womenswear collection for the perfect mother and child matching outfits.


3. Pokoks

Pokoks has grown to become a household name known for childrenswear since its inception in June 2016. Hailing from Shanghai, founder and a proud mother of three Jessica Kim has previously shared how her kids, as well as the rich cultural colours and abundant nature in Malaysia, have continuously inspired her brand and collections over the years.

To date, Pokoks have launched a total of 10 collections with names such as Bangun, Teratai, Langit, Timur and Kurnia, featuring very prominent graphic prints synonymous to their respective inspirations.

Its designs blending traditional Malay silhouettes with contemporary charms have always gained much interest particularly during the festive seasons, so much so that Pokoks launched a sister brand Zarak in 2020 with matching designs for tweens and adults.


4. Koshboo

Founded by sisters Natasha and Natalia Navin, Koshboo meaning ‘fragrance’ in Hindi was largely influenced by their frequent childhood trips to India for family visits. There, they were exposed to storied cultural cues where colours and textures were vibrant and inimitable.

Time passed, Natasha had graduated in architecture and Natalia in law, and both went on to become mothers. However, in their new roles as mothers, they realised that there was a lack of childrenswear that are well designed, sustainably and ethically made, which led them to the idea of starting Koshboo in 2014.

The sisters imbued unique stories in each piece of the clothing repleted in classic prints and intricate embroideries as a nod to their trips to India. In 2017, Kooshboo expanded its signature boho-chic and soulful aesthetics into womenswear with similar designs for the adults.

Maison Q.
Maison Q.

5. Maison Q

Maison Q’s adorable pieces have always been a delight to see, and have continuously proved themselves to be a great addition to any kid’s extensive wardrobe as seen by the brand’s loyal patrons.

Established in 2015 by Suhana Ab, Maison Q translates the enthusiastic and spirited nature of children into playful collections appropriate to their vivacious personalities. All it takes is a little imagination and the help of trusted artisans in the brand’s family-owned workshop to transform practical designs into reversible clothing.

Yes, you read that right – reversible. Maison Q prides itself on the idea of reversible childrenswear to make the most out of a piece of clothing. A dress with two designs and a shirt that can be worn two ways – has completely redefined what versatile and functional clothing means.

Despite being a childrenswear brand, adults are not left out. The brand releases similar designs for the grown-ups during festive seasons so that the whole family can embrace identical dressing.

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