Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

05 Dec 2018 / 11:06 H.

EMPEROR Watch & Jewellery, an internationally acclaimed retailer of the world’s most prestigious collection of timepieces and manufacturer of sophisticated jewellery, has finally opened in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Led by the chairperson and chief executive officer of Emperor Watch & Jewellery, Cindy Yeung believes that every piece of remarkable jewellery represents a touching story that marks the important moments of one’s journey in life, or even a legacy to be passed on to future generations.

The grand opening of Emperor Jewellery saw the appearance of socialites and celebrities who witnessed the monumental milestone of the offical ceremony which was attended by Malaysia special envoy to China Tan Kok Wai, Pavilion KL CEO of retail Datuk Joyce Yap, multi-hyphenate Hongkong artiste Joey Yung, as well as local celebrity couple Awal Ashaari and Scha Al-Yahya.

Yung graced the grand opening with style and sophistication as she stunningly pulled off Emperor Jewellery’s latest one-of-a-kind high jewellery brand – “Nuò by Cindy Yeung”.

The brand name takes inspiration from the character “Nuò” (promise), which is the last name of Cindy Yeung and her daughter. The character represents their intricate link, as it embodies a distinctive lineage, just like the extraordinary jewellery being passed down through generations.

A true family affair, Yung shares her thoughts on the symbolic meaning of jewellery for women and her relationship with Emperor Watch & Jewellery.

What are you most excited about the new “Nuò by Cindy Yeung”?

I’m in awe of the high jewellery pieces that I’m wearing today, as well as the other amazing pieces I’ve seen at the store. The designs are just as sophisticated and fashionable as Cindy herself; they are impressive and versatile, they are precious collectables.

How can a jewellery elevate a woman’s personality and individuality?

I think every woman should in some way have a distinctive individuality that could tell us apart and make us stand out in a crowd. When a woman wears a jewellery, it reinforces her image and qualities.

Wearing a jewellery that is synonymous to our own character almost to me feels like going to the extent of enhancing our already perfect self – it’s a good feeling.

Is there any difference between the jewellery you choose to wear on the red carpet and on stage while performing?

It really depends on the dresses I wear. If I decide to wear a dress that is elegant, then I wouldn’t mind wearing jewellery that is a little bit more extravagant as a statement piece. But if the dress I’m wearing is vibrant or dramatic, then I would opt for simpler jewellery.

Which of your songs can best describe Emperor Watch & Jewellery?

“You xiù” (excellent). Even though the brand and I are not of the same age, but we’ve been together since the day I started my career in show business.

We are like family. I think their philosophy is very similar to mine, where we are constantly pursuing perfection.

They are very precise when it comes to the design for each piece of jewellery. Their attention to detail and top-notch craftsmanship is what I find most inspiring and I’d like to see myself as equal, hence I always apply these values in everything I do; be it performing on stage or acting.

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