Going beyond haircare

03 Dec 2018 / 12:08 H.

IN the pursuit of ultimate hair drying comfort, Panasonic Malaysia recently unveiled its latest premium hair dryer featuring the Japanese company’s patented nanoe™ technology.

The new nanoe™ and Double Mineral hair dryer (EH-NA98) sports four different modes – Scalp Care, Skin Care, Intelligent Temperature Control, and Hot/Cold Alternating mode – that provides a seamless beauty and haircare regime.

With Panasonic’s range of nanoe™ hair dryers garnering a mounting sales volume of 10 million units this year in Japan alone, this latest flagship release combines its exclusive technology with double mineral ions.

The launch on Nov 28 at Babel Fit, Menara Ken TTDI first saw guests working up a sweat in the gym’s three different classes – Boga Fit, HIIT, and Cync.

Equipped with the new pink EH-NA98, the locker rooms turned into a playground for guests to test out the hair dryers before the official launch, and hair talk session with four local personalities.

Actor Yusof Hashim aka Ucop, beauty queens Lee Yvonne and Carey Ng, and actress/singer Daiyan Trisha mostly reported less drying time and frizz after using the product for a few weeks.

In the hair talk session, Lee said: “I had a great time playing with the four different modes. I switched it to Skin Care mode when I applied my skincare – especially my leave-on mask – to dry my face.

Thanks to the built-in quick-dry nozzle and 1800W powerful airflow, she added: “The thought of washing my hair is not as dreadful as before, because the airflow is so strong that I can dry my hair in five minutes!

Meanwhile, Daiyan said: “After all the washing, my hair always gets frizzy but I can definitely see that my hair is less frizzy and smoother [after using] the nanoe™ & Double Mineral hair dryer.”

Hair is smoother and better moisturised as the ultra-fine nanoe™ contains roughly 1,000 times more water than that of ions, allowing for better moisture penetration into strands, and help with tightening cuticles.

The mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes work in tandem with the proprietary technology to achieve damage-resistant hair by increasing the adhesiveness of the cuticles.

This lessens the friction caused by brushing, as well as, external factors like ultra-violet rays, and neutralises hair-raising static electric charge.

Automatically switching the airflow between low and high temperatures, the Hot/Cold mode assists in achieving straighter hair that looks shinier and more fluid.

The Intelligent Temperature Control mode, on the other hand, automatically senses ambient reading to ensure a pleasant temperature for drying in any season.

When used in Scalp Care mode, nanoe™ works the same way in adding moisture, and alleviates the dryness that stresses skin, with warm air that gently blows the scalp.

Seal the beauty deal with Skin Care mode after hair drying for about one minute.

Simply press the button to reach the mode, and you can experience the moisturising properties of nanoe™ on facial skin, in addition to increased moisture levels with continuous use.

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