Staying power

08 Apr 2019 / 11:06 H.

CURATED using Japan Technology, Pixy is a line of cosmetics designed to bring out the natural beauty of Asian women. In line with the core themes of being feminine, simple, chic and modern, Pixy believes that beauty is the emotional energy of women. With beauty, not only does a woman radiate positive energy but her feeling, mood and confidence will also improve tremendously. Pixy is certified with a Halal logo as well, ensuring that it is completely safe to use.

Specially developed for young women on-the-go, Pixy introduces their new range of UV Whitening Base Makeup, named the 4 Beauty Benefit series. Comprising of three different types of base makeup that is the UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Last, UV Whitening BB Cream and UV Whitening Concealing Base, each product is formulated with natural ingredients such as Yam Bean, Squalane Oil and Jojoba Oil. All of the products work to moisturise, whiten, protect and beautify the skin – delivering four beauty benefits in one package.

This product series is available at selected Guardian stores.

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