The circle of life

06 Nov 2019 / 10:56 H.

MAKING the rounds from one season to the next, and for no obvious reason, the revival of 1960s circular sunglasses – otherwise known as ‘teashades’ – is indeed the perennial eyewear trend that gives us a 360-degree perspective on life.

These round sunglasses may appear flat, but the simplicity of their geometric shape against the face sets them apart from other. They also play with proportion – some lenses are slightly larger than the frame, while others are one with the frame.

Their sartorially-inclined, bold and daring characteristics can be intimidating to some, but there is a reason why these sunglasses continue to prevail.

Interesting sunglasses are able to completely change one’s self-perception. So when it comes to making a first impression, tread carefully with round sunglasses, but nevertheless, go wild and experiment.

The circle of life

1. Giorgio Armani

The distinctive round sunglass of the New Normal eyewear collection (inspired by models from the 1980s) in the Armani archive revisits an iconic shape and familiar details – restyled in classic vintage silhouette with a thick acetate frame and a timeless appeal for the seasons ahead.

Its robust structure features a key bridge and wide temples that taper at the end to emphasise on proportion play.

The circle of life

2. Prada

Muccia Prada didn’t just bring attention to old-school retro in the modern age. In fact, she is determined to deliver the attention right to your face with the distinctive Prada Duple sunglass.

Its round and thick acetate rims, geometric lines and metal bridge completely interrupt the linearity of the frame front and temples.

Its bold silhouette may have been slightly exaggerated, but the sunglass takes on a minimalist approach with the use of a single solid colour.

The circle of life

3. Dolce & Gabbana

What was once rigid is now modular and foldable, the Fatto A Mano round sunglass is made with functionality and practicality in mind for the contemporary life.

“We live in the digital age, but we should never forget the importance of the human touch, especially in fashion,” said Stefano Gabbana at the Italian brand’s menswear show in Milan.

However, everything the brand touches turn into gold. Like the exuberant detail of the metal rim around the frame and bridge, as well as the temples in the iconic sartorial motif of grosgrain fabric.

The circle of life

4. Emporio Armani

The perfectly smooth mask front made from a single lens is further defined by its minimal structure and streamlined silhouette, truly reflecting what Emporio Armani defines as ‘cutting-edge design’.

It represents the modern and contemporary spirit, featuring a metal double bridge to give the round lenses a dynamic and eclectic style, while the brand’s iconic eagle motif is stamped at the temple to subtly blend in a striking texture of the brand impression.

The circle of life

5. Oakley

The perennial eyewear trend of athleisure-wear always comes full circle.

This season, we witnessed the next adventure in the Oakley Clifden, a highly technical sports sunglass that blends form and function, while pushing the boundaries of frame and lens protection.

Its streamlined and aerodynamic silhouette merges Prizm Lens Technology that enhances colour contrast and detail to make the most of any activity, with removable bridge blocker and Unobtainium side shields in its frame to block sun glare.

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