Former creatives share their recent endeavours into the food and beverage line of business

ENTREPRENEURS, big or small, are tasting the flavour of hard times, especially during the last six months.

The experience, however, has also worked up an appetite for change.

For instance, many have pivoted into a new business territory. One highly popular area is the food and beverage industry.

In fact, the sector has gone on to experience a sudden boom despite the challenging times.

While cafes and restaurants are still operating on a conditional basis, many
local entrepreneurs have discovered newfound ways to survive and thrive in this line of

Vincent Paul Yong, co-founder of Hakkaseng

As a photographer, it was not a tough decision to pivot from the creative industry. However, it was tough to begin something new in such a short time. But I am glad my current food business, Hakkaseng which specialises in Chinese dishes has blossomed into something beyond my imagination. I am only thankful
that I am able to pursue cooking, another passion of mine and recreate the dishes I grew up eating.

Chung Liang, co-founder of RedRedBotakHead

Pivot and courage have been our keywords in this pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, I was a singer, emcee and a radio DJ for Capital FM before I went to culinary school. I then opened my restaurant in 2015 upon graduation before closing it last year due to the MCO.

I then had plans to open my new cafe, RedRedBotakHead in Sentul Depot. But due to the current circumstances, we had to work on something else to keep the brand visible. So, my friend and I decided to make food-centric music videos with original music on social media.

Melvin Lim, marketing executive at Three Stooges

To jump into a new industry and leave what I was confident doing was initially tough. As someone who was in the event management line, there was so much for me to learn about the planning and ideation that is required in serving food and drinks at a bar. But in time, practice does make it more bearable and interesting. My greatest support system has been my family and mentors at work.

Discovering new and alternative routes is crucial to cope and survive in a difficult time like this. Advancing the food and beverage sector, which is among the most important sectors, is one excellent way of surviving and reducing the negative impact of the pandemic on the nation’s economy.

Although the future is still very much uncertain and challenging, it is always encouraging to see inspiring individuals take control and craft their own paths.