Make it a smooth journey

14 Mar 2019 / 15:44 H.

GOING for a holiday or work trip can be a stressful experience.

Travelling to strange places, meeting new people and new cultures, and sometimes being unable to communicate as they may not understand you, all add to the worries.

But with the help of feng shui, we can be ensured that our travels are safe, enjoyable and memorable.

From time immemorial, it has been a practice among the Chinese to refer to the almanacs, or consult feng shui masters to choose a good day and time to begin a journey.

Choosing a good day and supportive time for the journey is one way to overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

Each of the compass directions has a significance and an inner meaning.

Hence, we cannot generalise that a specific travel direction is bad.

However, the Northwest sector of a house or a room governs travel and help from benefactors, and it is also called the direction of the ‘heaven’s gate’, or the direction that ushers in ‘heaven’s blessings’.

Hence, according to feng shui principles, activating the Northwest corner of your house or office can help you enjoy safe and pleasant travels as often as you desire.

Before embarking on a journey, it is essential that you maintain a high level of good or positive energy.

This is to ensure that the place you visit does not affect you if its energy is very negative.

So taking care of your inner feng shui, so to speak, is very important, especially when you do not have the security of your home.

Be mindful that your thoughts and emotions remain positive throughout your journey. Choose also to stay in a bright and cheerful environment to prevent any negative energy in the surrounding area from affecting you.

And carrying out some small feng shui rituals may help to make the journey even smoother. This is a unique and lesser known practice in feng shui. Here are a few feng shui travel rituals you can adopt:

» Hang a bright coloured flag or a banner in your front yard before you embark on a journey to ‘wave off’ bad energies coming towards you and your home.

» If you are on business trip, carry a conch shell to give you excellent travel luck and business luck when abroad.

» Essential oils that you like the most are always good feng shui enhancers.

However, lavender oil in particular, can refresh your energy throughout the day. Lavender also has strong protective properties.

» Keep or carry a symbol of longevity with you for personal safety, and for protection against harmful energies. Clear quartz and rose quartz are excellent choices, as are black tourmaline for protection or energy balancing.

» This might feel a little dicey but before you travel, hold a curved knife in front of you and swipe from left to right three times. It will help avert bad luck from the 10 directions.

» Stay safe by feeling out the energy around you and avoid bad spots. A place can look very pretty but have dangerous energies or bad feng shui. You can sense this if you are attuned to such sensitive energy levels.

S.BS. Surendran is an accredited master feng shui consultant, bioenergetician and traditional vaastu practitioner. Readers can contact him at

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