ON Sunday, Kelantan entered Phase 4 of Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan (NRP) for students in Kampung Kuala Gris and students were ready for their first face-to-face class session after a long time.

However, 100 students of SMK Dabong were forced to miss school after the KTMB train, which was their main transportation to school, did not stop at the Kuala Gris station that morning.

According to the schedule, the train was supposed to stop at the station at 6.59am and arrive in Dabong in about 20 minutes.

Even so, the students remained hopeful and waited until 7.30am before all of them returned to their homes.

In a statement published on the same day, KTMB confirmed that Shuttle Timuran No 51 train did not stop at the Kuala Gris station at 7.08am.

On Monday, the Chief Operating Officer, Mohd Zain Mat Taha, told the press that the management is currently investigating the incident and looking into the technical, operational and running patterns of the train.

He also added that four staff involved in the incident were temporarily suspended pending investigation, namely the driver, assistant driver, train supervisor and ticketing inspector.

KTMB has since issued an apology to the affected students, parents and school. On Monday, the COO and several other KTMB personnel also rode on said train to Dabong station to escort the students to make further amends.